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    nice pictures swede
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    We building a Canadian Goose floating nest box
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    Chinese restaurant in Galesburg Illinois
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    Last fall farmageddon camping and open fire cooking, , fishing, trail riding and hiking. Eight guests were not pictured.
  8. Appalachiansurvivor pics

    Thank You both.
  9. Appalachiansurvivor pics

    That’s beautiful work!
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    DNA confirmed the remains were the man they were looking for. The truck broke in half from rust when they pulled it out. The air bag had deployed possible knocking the man unconscious.
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    ERROL, NH (WGME) -- New Hampshire State Police say a truck was pulled out of the Androscoggin River in Errol on Tuesday with skeletal remains inside, believed to be a man missing since 1998. People in the small town have spent the last 19 years wondering what happened to Tony Imondi. "Kind of bothers me that it took 19 years," said Carlton Eames, who's lived in Errol his entire life. But why it went in the water, he said, is part of the mystery that may never be solved. "That's anybody's guess and nobody will ever know," Eames said. State Police say the remains were taken to the medical examiner's office for positive identification. That has to be done using DNA and can take weeks.
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    Theres nothing like starring into a camp fire
  15. Agent 1611 you can find a lot of our members on facebook type wild survive in the search area.
  16. The member formerly known as “David”

    Appreciate that, Bro! I kind of do that for fun, but I'd love to do it more as time permits. One reason I'm back here is to get ideas for videos. Thanks for the sub.
  17. The member formerly known as “David”

    Subscribed on your YouTube channel. Good stuff. Looking forward to having you around again.
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    Blue Winged Teal on our pond
  19. Campfire Talk

    Love that link, Swede! grew up listening to Bill Monroe, Earl Scruggs and the like..
  20. The member formerly known as “David”

    Thanks, man!
  21. We went through the shirts and found two small ones. I need to call my shirt girl to see if they still have my template.
  22. The member formerly known as “David”

    Ha! Yeah, that’s the one. Believe or not, I still have my shirts, but my wife is trying to get me to throw them away. Who needs armpits, anyway? I think they’re large size
  23. Well Ill be dammed like this one? Ive got a few shirts what size do you wear?
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    Seldom Scene - appalachian rain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFTFsWuFI3o
  25. The member formerly known as “David”

    I was the one who designed the boot logo
  26. I kinda remember you Agent 1611 welcome back Ill look in the original members list.
  27. The member formerly known as “David”

    Welcome Back.......
  28. Hey guys, it’s been a long time since I’ve been on the forum, and I couldn’t remember what email used to log on before, so I’ve “rebranded” myself. Hope to make more time for Wild Survive.
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