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    I have been thinking about doing this video for a long time and finally took the time to get it done! I hope someone can benefit from this and its not too cheesy. lol
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    Look at the bright side, if it gets any hotter the venison will self cook!!! :-) (I'll be here all week folks!! Badum dum)
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    Its been very hot here as usual for July and the wild life is struggling
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    I've heard this called other things, but I call it a char tube. It's an effective way of having charred material on you all the time and takes a spark very easily. It's also a very cheap if not cost free project that will probably out last you and I. All you need is some tubing...I used a small piece of brass and 100% cotton cord. I found some old clothesline and removed the nylon core. Simply cut to the length you want and tie a not in one end, push the knot free end through the tube until it sticks out and char with a lighter. From that point on it will remain charred from using it. To use just push out the knot free end and hit with a spark, use it as needed and pull back in to put out holding a finger over the end.