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  1. Our Latest Trip

    I gotta be honest guys sleeping in boots stinks. Actually in all honesty, I was fine with just my socks on until 5am rolled around and my feet got sweaty. But, overall it worked great and not too shabby at 28 degrees either! Actually, a little trick that I've done in the past is bring an extra heavy knit hat and then put your feet inside it....works like a charm. But, I wanted to try my new bivvy out....I was VERY pleased with it, but I gotta open the foot vent next time so my feet don't overheat. Well guys, I think we have to plan our next trip....a winter excursion for The Survival 3 sounds like a plan. :hugegrin:
  2. Our Latest Trip

    Thanks for the shirts Swede! I appreciate it! Yeah, I guess the cat is out of the bag now. Of course now you know my REAL name in the video is Ed, not Mr. Fudd. wacky078.gif Mr. Fudd was a suitable name though and you can see why in my shelter building. I can just see Elmer Fudd in the cartoons doing it just like I did and then Bugs Bunny trying to mess with him. Dave was actually kind though because he actually HELPED me fix my shelter. gen165.gif Have a good night! Talk to you soon.....maybe you'll see me in another video. Hmmmm????
  3. Our Latest Trip

    Thanks for the great comments guys! I have to commend Dave on the great film he put together for us...he has many hidden talents that I think we are all starting to see. :thumbsup: Machine & Dave basically used themarests to insulate the cold from the ground. For myself, I actually used just a plain old plastic drop cloth and about 4 tarps full of leaves. It was amazing...once I laid down you could almost feel instant warmth just with the leaves underneath alone. It was EXTREMELY comfortable too. I was even surprised. The only time I got cold was my feet. I'm not sure if Machine and/or Dave slept in their boots, but I didn't. And I was fine too for most of the time, but I had also used a bivvy (Thermo-Lite Bivvy 2.0) with my wool blanket over me. I was quite toasty actually, until I forgot to open the vent at the bottom of my bivvy which caused my feet to sweat which caused my feet to get cold. It was the 1st time I tried this bivvy so it was a good experiment. The thing is super compact and lightweight....has anyone else used a bivvy in their outdoor adventures? Just curious. Overall, a GREAT TRIP...it was a team effort as Machine said. Looking forward to our next trip! Hopefully, I can do better with my shelter building next time....it's all part of the learning process I suppose. doh.gif
  4. Our Latest Trip

    I thought the eggs tasted pretty good for what it was...of course my senses might have been altered from drinking water from the stream that tasted like oak leaves....that was a 1st for me. We did boil it 1st, but it had a funky taste to it. Now I know why Machine & Dave brought 3 bottles of water compared to my one. The hybrid debris shelters worked pretty well actually. Mine was the crappy looking one on the far right with the shallow roof....worked like a charm. It was nice and warm with all the leaves we used for insulation underneath. By the way....GREAT KNIFE!!! We put our new knives to the test. Awesome Mist!
  5. IGLOO

    Great Job Dave! Excellent job on the video! You'll have to try sleeping in one next year. It's definitely an experience. Oh, by the way....candles don't provide much heat at all except warming the tips of your fingers. I built another snow shelter (quinzee) last month and slept in it with a candle. The candle was good for a nighlight...that's about it. But, a wise man did tell me that candles are useful as a good CO2 detector....if the flame extinguishes itself inside your snow shelter...GET OUT! :grin: Video is definitely the way to go....very impressive Dave! Good job on your snow shelter! The only question left is when is Machine going to build one? Me & Dave will remind you next winter....so you're off the hook due to mud and 60 degree temps!
  6. IGLOO

    OH MAN....that rots big time ! Well....there's always PLAN B....do what I did....use a shovel. Yeah, I know...what fun is that ! It ain't. But, you'll have a greater sense of satisfaction afterwards knowing that you built it all by yourself.....and know that if it came to a survival situation you could do it out in the bush if you needed to. Of course in the bush...you'd have to make a shovel or more likely find a natural shelter, maybe fortify it with some branches and then insulate the outside with snow....a much easier idea and a lot LESS WORK. :grin: Well, in any event. I think it would still be GREAT to make one....even if it is a little bit more labor intensive. Plus, you could find a cool innovative method to make it easier & more practical than I did. That's the great thing about this forum....we learn from each other. Good Luck ! B)

    You can see some of the paint already burned off on the pics.....its looks kindof gray near the blue lid ? The gray is the bare metal....once all the paint is burned off the stove, you'll be able to throw your "kill" right on the metal stove and it will grill it no problem. :grin:

    Hi Survivordan. If you want to boil water, put the pot on the stove. You don't need an open fire to boil water. The metal the stove is made out of is EXTREMLY HOT and you will be able to boil water by putting your pot right on the stove. If you look at the pictures, you have more than enough surface area to put even two pots if you wanted to. I think I said in a previous post that once all the paint burns off you could cook right on the stove surface.....its kindof like a grill you see at a diner....just chuck whatever you want to cook on the surface of the stove and it will cook it NO PROBLEM.....eggs, hamburgs, bonnock.....whatever. COOL ?
  9. IGLOO

    Where abouts you located Survivor Kid ? You have a lot of snow where you are ? I'm jealous. Good luck by the way.....keep me posted how you made out. It is a lot of work, but I don't think you'll have any regrets once its done.
  10. IGLOO

    Thanks Machine. You know something......if we pool all our kids together it really wouldn't take much work. :hugegrin: Unfortunately, I could only pursuade my daughter to climb into it and even take some pictures....but as far as digging it out.....she didn't want to have anything to do with it. Smart girl. My next project....a MUD HUT...since all we get in CT in rain & sleet. Where's the SNOW ????? sad042.gif

    Actually, I designed the wood stove so its totally user friendly as far as portability and assembly are concerned. I promise I will definitely take some more pics of each piece. You would be shocked how easy it is to assemble and disassemble. Its a 3 piece shell....the two main containers, fit snugly into each other, no tape, no glue, think of it as two glasses that stack ontop of each other. The fire box (a 3rd rectangular shell) goes inside it and has strategically places draft holes to circulate the air. The only part that looks REALLY cheesy is where the stove pipe goes as the stove pipe is just a rolled up oven liner. I tell you what though....it may look cheesy, but it honestly worked out well. The design is totally original....if there are any replicates out there....I have no clue. But, I designed it in a similar way to my woodstove I have in my house. You wouldn't believe the INTENSE HEAT this thing was throwing off and I was just sitting around it in my backyard. I can't wait to try this thing in a closed enviroment (bush shelter).
  12. IGLOO

    Thanks for the kind words Dave. Yeah....air was a concern for me, which is why I dug the inside of my shelter out pretty large for maximum air inside as well as leaving the entranceway opening (partially blocked) with a garbage can lid and not sealed. Plus, don't forget I had an exit hole also at my head area which wasn't completly sealed either, so airflow traveled from the entranceway and through the chamber and out the exit hole.

    Well, after 3 months of "family issues" which I won't go into detail here, but you know Dave. I was really ITCHY to do stuff in the little free time I've had in the past few weeks. Actually, the wood stove has been a work in progress for the past couple months...a little here and a little there. The pics really don't do a justice. When I have a free minute, I will send some schematic pics on how I built this thing. I know it probably doesn't look like much, but I did put a LOT of thought and time into it and it seemed to work well once I got it lit. :grin:
  14. IGLOO

    Thanks Rick. Yeah....I was toying around the idea of poking a hole through the roof....if I understand you correctly....it would create a draft, sucking in and recirculating the fresh air. Excellent idea and smart too. I will try that out next time if we get any snow around here. Yes, please keep me in the loop for any Training opportunities. Sounds great ! B)
  15. IGLOO

    Yeah, I was a little concerned if the roof would collapse on me when I was sleeping. Actually, when I woke up in the morning...the ceiling was wet with condensation and a little soft in some spots, but nothing of concern. It held up pretty well. Of course now....I'm in the same boat, my yard has turned into a green winter wonderland laced with mud. I hope we get some more snow. It would be ALOT easier to build one of these if we had a big snowstorm. AND if I had a snowblower. Shoveling the entire driveway to one spot STUNK ! to put it mildly. But, no regrets....it was worth the effort. I recommend trying it next time we get a good snowstorm. Its a WILD experience sleeping inside a snow shelter. The great thing too is when you wake up in the morning....its still dark inside your shelter. :hugegrin: