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  1. Sep board.com

    For any one out there that may want to look into another forum like this one there is the SEP board I am also inviting them over here I think both boards are a lot alike.
  2. Trophy Hunting

    My trophys are what weapon I take them with because I make a lot of my own weapons and gear Atlatl bow Bolas rabbit sticks slingshot slings blow guns spear I have taken game with them all and that's the trophy to me.
  3. Trophy Hunting

    Do you know that the state of Florida pays trappers to trap hogs and kill them and you can't keep any of the meat from them.
  4. Campfire Talk

    Yes been eating them all my life I have only know of one case on the east cost tonight s hunt is not for food it to get rid of them off a base ball field they been digging holes all over and it looks like mortars have been hitting the out field.
  5. Campfire Talk

    Hunting armadillo to night two down so far.
  6. Safe Ice

    I know I used the skills I learned and taught in water survival school in the marines corp.
  7. Crossbow shooting and hunting

    I am working on a restless sling bow right now I think it will work great on small game up to coon size.
  8. Crossbow shooting and hunting

    Not a big crossbow fan I have one and shoot it but like my compound and Long bow a lot more.
  9. Campfire Talk

    Cut 5 head of swamp cabbage stalked a armadillo with sling shots but did not shoot it saw a small buck up by the high way on the way home turned around and shot him in the side with a marble and run him off the highway most likely saved his life and someone car.
  10. Safe Ice

    I fell through ice one time when looking for a deer I shot with my long bow did not hit the bottom sealed my way out walked back to camp when I took my pants off they would stand up by there self.
  11. Campfire Talk

    Here is a picture of a snare I made at the SEP gathering this past weekend
  12. Campfire Talk

    Went down south to day and met some of the guys from the SEP board for the SEP gathering had a good day shooting slingshot s air guns and throwing Swiss arrows and setting up snares
  13. Slingshot hunters

    If you look close to the eye you can see the marble stuck in the head yet shoot a lot of gar during the summer time.
  14. Slingshot hunters

    Yes coon and Bob cats are really good the frogs come out of the swamps we hunt them at night.