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  1. Hello from Florida

    I live in cedar key fla about 60 miles S.W of Gainesville Florida.
  2. Trophy Hunting

    ? What is your take on Fred bear.
  3. Trophy Hunting

    Lion roast sell for about $2500 to $3100 dealing on weight I have a friend that's owns a bow shop and he filmed the hunts and harvesting of the meat and the distribution of the meat but like I say I am not wanting to fight we all have our own opinion.
  4. Trophy Hunting

    I don't want to start a fight but the pay hunts over in Africa help the villages some of the money goes to the villages and most of the meat it also keeps down predator and brings in money to some of the people selling suviners
  5. Pcp air guns don't have the same recoil as a spring gun and hit harder I have taken hogs with mine at 35 yards one shot above the eye and they drop I have a 22cal hamirilla gets about 68+ shots on a fill up.
  6. Slingshot hunters

    I shoot everything from 107 rubber bands to tubes but I like theraband gold cut 9 1/2 inch long 1 inche wide to 3/4 taper I shoot board cuts and natural forks some made from wood or hdpe
  7. Slingshot hunters

    A few more