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  1. My trophys are what weapon I take them with because I make a lot of my own weapons and gear Atlatl bow Bolas rabbit sticks slingshot slings blow guns spear I have taken game with them all and that's the trophy to me.

  2. Yes been eating them all my life I have only know of one case on the east cost tonight s hunt is not for food it to get rid of them off a base ball field they been digging holes all over and it looks like mortars have been hitting the out field.

  3. Cut 5 head of swamp cabbage stalked a armadillo with sling shots but did not shoot it saw a small buck up by the high way on the way home turned around and shot him in the side with a marble and run him off the highway most likely saved his life and someone car.

  4. I fell through ice one time when looking for a deer I shot with my long bow did not hit the bottom sealed my way out walked back to camp when I took my pants off they would stand up by there self.

  5. It tastes a lot like pork hunting with sling shots takes practice is all and the ones they sell at Wal-Mart are not the best not the slingshot shot but there band's and pouch that go on them I make all my band's and most of my slingshot s