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  1. Tree Identification

    Wild cherry is correct. Either choke cherry ,or black cherry would be my best guess. If the fruits end up hanfging in bunches from a stem a d ha e a top somewhat like an eggpla t on them, they are black cherry. If the berries have no green topper on them, they are most likely choke cherries. Either way, they make great jam, cough syrup, etc... a d are hugh in vitamin c. Dont eat the leaves or the pits. The bzrl jas great medicinal qualities as well. Definitely a keeper.
  2. Hello from Sunrise 1965

    I am a new member. I love camping, fishing, hunting, wild edibles and medicinals and I am hoping to learn many more primitive skills. I am mother to a 9 year old boy who also enjoys camping, and a 13 year old girl, who doesn't. I live in northwestern Nebraska.