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  1. Hello from Sunrise 1965

    I am a new member. I love camping, fishing, hunting, wild edibles and medicinals and I am hoping to learn many more primitive skills. I am mother to a 9 year old boy who also enjoys camping, and a 13 year old girl, who doesn't. I live in northwestern Nebraska.
  2. Tree Identification

    Wild cherry is correct. Either choke cherry ,or black cherry would be my best guess. If the fruits end up hanfging in bunches from a stem a d ha e a top somewhat like an eggpla t on them, they are black cherry. If the berries have no green topper on them, they are most likely choke cherries. Either way, they make great jam, cough syrup, etc... a d are hugh in vitamin c. Dont eat the leaves or the pits. The bzrl jas great medicinal qualities as well. Definitely a keeper.