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  1. New to the site!

    Hello Swede, Good to meet you and thank you for alerting Appalachian Survivor, we actually live not to far from each and have met, thank you for that though. I really like this forum!
  2. New to the site!

    Hello Theking648, Pleasure to meet you! Yes, you gotta come out here and check out these beautiful mountains, I think you would like it! I moved from Florida to get as far away from the city life as possible. I got tired of the everyday husstle and bussle that makes up every city and I wanted...let me rephrase that, I needed to be somewhere surrounded by nature. No better feeling!
  3. New to the site!

    Good morning all! My name is Elliott Tyndale and I'm new to the site, I look forward to gathering and sharing information here as I've just moved recently to the great Appalachian Mountains and there is plenty of learning to do coming from a big city like Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Look forward to sharing with you! Elliott