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  1. Campfire Talk

    Good morning happy campers! How is everyone this lovely day???
  2. Campfire Talk

    I'm off myself. I need to build a big fence around my strawberries... darn rabbits have moved into my yard! Have a wonderful day everyone!!
  3. Campfire Talk

    Take care, good to see ya!
  4. Campfire Talk

    Quite alright, I get so excited to finish the semester, I will probably just implode when I do actually get my degree. I can the headlines now, "Student vanishes into thin air at commencement ceremonies" witnesses report a cloud of dust and chocolate as student bursts apart at the seams! :hugegrin: Holly, I can just see you two sharing a room at school! :woot: :rofl: :rofl: Is she planning on staying local, or are you two off cross-country? Hey Woods, REALLY long time no see. How the heck are ya? ~jeji~
  5. Campfire Talk

    Holly! It is great to see you! How are ya? How is the family doing? Is Ashley about finished for the summer?
  6. Campfire Talk

    Good morning Blue! Good to see you! How have you been? Thank you! I wish I had finished the degree, but not yet, darnit. I am, however, thrilled to be finished for the year. I start a new job in a few weeks as an environmental consultant. I'm not really sure what that means, but I get an office, a machete and flexable hours until I do graduate, can't ask for much more than that! :hugegrin: So how is the house coming, or is that old news?
  7. Campfire Talk

    Good morning happy campers! How is everyone this lovely AM?
  8. Campfire Talk

    Well... I am off and running. I have to give my 2 weeks at my job at the college I have been putting this of for 2 days now. I hate having to leave jobs I like. I promise I won't be gone so long this time! :hugegrin: Take care everyone, see you all soon!! ~jeji~
  9. Campfire Talk

    Hi Machine, good to be back. I have missed everyone so much! How have you been yourself? Keeping busy? I just finished a monster of a semester, holy moley! I think I now know why growed-ups tend to opt for community college!! It is tough keeping up with these kids!
  10. Campfire Talk

    GJ, I am very sorry to report that I have not :cry: But... I do have 2 whole weeks all to myself before I start my new job, so I hope to get out REALLY soon! I was thinking of picking up my beach tag today, and taking the kids out to the surf this weekend. My poor fishing rods must feel sooooooo neglected! Have you gotten into anything fun this spring?
  11. Campfire Talk

    I hope everything works out beautifully for you GJ, and Idaho sounds wonderful!
  12. Campfire Talk

    YEAAHHH!! It is just around the corner for you. I just finished on Monday, now I am anxiously awaiting the grade on one last final and then I should be able to take a deep breath. what are you going to do over the summer?
  13. Campfire Talk

    Hi GJ, how have you been? It has been a pretty tough semester, so I haven't had much time to get online and such. When do you finish for the year?
  14. Campfire Talk

    Good morning happy campers. I just wanted to pop in and say Hello. I hope everyone has been doing well and keeping out of trouble :hugegrin: ~jeji~
  15. Campfire Talk

    Hidy Swede and GJ! :wave: