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  1. So I need a new backpack. Currently I have a large 70L Asolo bag which is good but big I am looking for something smaller to take when I am using my trimmed down gear list. The main things it would hold is tarp, sleeping bag or woolblanket, jacket along with some other survival gear, possibly a Kayden water filter and a whisperlite. Water bladder support would be nice :woot: Pretty much I want something small form but can hold a bunch if I do choose to. Something like the Canadian small pack with removable compartments might be good. I am not sure if i should go with army surplus, after market military assault bag or something else all together. So I am open to suggestion, picks of what you have/use would be awesome :salute:
  2. Hey im looking for some places but more southern ontario more south then espanola which is barely mid ontario. I have been to Algonquin but wana camp out on some crown land break some of my own trails.
  3. Congrats the only reason to move to the us CCW. Im gona go through the whole canadian process and its complicated take some tests written/practical and then submit the forms and even references i think. Wait a few weeks/months they get the paper work done then i can buy guns. Then if i get a handgun i need to get a permit to take to and from the range 8| but then i will hunt me some meese for good eatingz. moose0024.gif
  4. nurkerool: I was think the same thing about letting it freeze and then shatter the ice and scrape it off. Should reduce the wet ness allot then dry in the sun. And if anything your carrying less weight if its not as wet. Askdamice i would be interested to know how your trip goes
  5. My bad I must be blind...
  6. Rick likes the copy paste.... The bag reminds me of my hated military ruck but now i think i may looking to getting the military ruck anyways just a different model (para one already have the frame ) Do you use a sleeping pad? Plus along with ricks Micro-Climate comes his own little world were he is an eastern european rock star Edit: I see you have opted out of bringing candles...
  7. Sleeping bag is winter only? Looks very similar to what you need for a course in the CF, except you have to bring your own PT gear and a few things they were to cheap to give us.
  8. Parachute Cord??

    On ebay I bought 1000ft shipped to canada for like $75 and of that it was like 25 bucks shipping. Check out the following if you want wacky078.gif http://cgi.ebay.ca/Black-550-parachute-cord-paracord-1000-Type-III_W0QQitemZ190163164163QQihZ009QQcategoryZ16042QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  9. Survivorman Season 3

    Well its tv and you get more viewers if you do interesting stuff like go to cool locations. If every ep was filmed in the ontario bush or parries it would get quite boring.
  10. Just a tip make sure the bullion container has a good seal cause my mom was complaining that the stuff she buys in Canada has these craptastic lids that dont seal well which let the moister in and in a few months it turns rock hard. So yeah make sure you gota good container
  11. Oh my gota dl it now sweat two eps online.
  12. Askdamice had a carrier for both the cup and canteen with a strap but you could also clip it on your belt if i remember correctly. Currently i have some commercial one i think USA model but its just like my old Canadian army issue one. Back then i had a canteen pouch that held the canteen and cup that then attached to my webbing oh my did that stuff suck. Later I got much improved cadpad tactical vest that had a pouch for the both but in both cases it was pain in the arse to get the tin cup out.
  13. New season to start Aug 10th

    Thats what the internet's for Eh and for the Man vs Wild hate no one said you had to watch it I like it. It has more entertainment value just take the advice with a grain of salt [maybe a bit more then a grain]. No point in arguing over it. We all know Les advice will actually help us a lot more.
  14. Strictly survival firearm

    Well I live in Canada so its not free but mandatory its all licensed so I have to take a course [CFSC] and for hunting there is another course and then a test for both. I have had safety training with guns just not for hunting purposes. Thanks guys...
  15. Food sounds good something I havent thought a lot about. Good tips on the tents. 100% agree on the 3 man tent = two man tent.. I got a 3man 3 season tent from Mec so far its been good. Fit me and askdamice plus some gear pretty well. For bivy bags i can say they can rock. I used it when i was in the Forces and it worked great. I didnt have a fancy one or anything though just a water proof bag. One thing to be carefull of water proof is its also air proof so you can sufficate and or sweat like a dog.