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  1. Knives?

    knivesshipfree.com the knife connection chestnut ridge knives knifeworks.com those are just a few ESEE dealers For other options,look here: http://www.tomarskabars.com/ Cliff
  2. blast match

    I've broken the housing on 2 of them. Good thing I did too... Inside I found a big fero rod that works real well with a hacksaw blade striker. It looks like the one in this pic: It doesn't have some of the one hand usefulness anymore,but still works very well. Cliff
  3. I'd opt for the 1000 ft. of real 550 cord myself. That stuff is great: Cliff
  4. Hi all: We recertify annually for standard First Aid,AED & CPR at my job. I'm on the ERT there & they get us really good training. Until recently it's all been the ARC training,but we've changed over to ASHI for AED & CPR. Annual recert. for Disaster First Aid ( BIG difference between that & standard first aid) with the local C.E.R.T. group & just recently completed the 40 hr. First Responder course. I love this stuff & the free training can't be beat. Cliff
  5. School survival

    WHOA !!! It really is sad that students have to be concerned with self defence while they're in school. Sounds like perhaps the school admin. needs to address these situations before the need for self defence arises. Way back when I was in the public school system (60s & 70s) there was some "tension" in the city,but the school system kept a lid on it. The idea is that you are there to prepare for your future,which hopefully won't involve defending yourself very often. Please take what I'm saying as positive feedback & try to get along without worrying about who needs to be the fastest or strongest in order to make it home in one piece. Cliff
  6. School survival

    Hi all: FEMA offers a free web based independent study course dealing with school preparedness & survival in the event of a disaster or emergency. Google IS-362 to get the details from the FEMA website. They also offer courses dealing with other disaster prep topics as well...all free & can be done from your home. Hope it's of interest. Thanks for reading. Cliff
  7. Member Introductions

    "People do some messed up things in this world. A young kid that has already been through enough, gets parents like that.... few things that get me that fired up." Junky.I understand your feelings. The thing that got me feeling better about this situation was the number of just plain folks with no experience that gathered there for 3 hot days helping with the search effort. The local businesses sent in food,drinks,busses for transportation to the various search areas & one restaurant owner even put up a $10,000 reward for info. Seemed like everyone there was truly commited to finding the little guy & not just there to be in the show. Just goes to prove that there really are a lot of good people in the world. Cliff
  8. Member Introductions

    THANKS for the welcome everyone!!! Junky...No USAR , the local authorities do that around here. mostly Fire Fighters & LEOs. And they do a GREAT job ! They do the high angle work too. Not much left for us "volunteers" to do except to tromp around the place lookin' for folks I got into it through the C.E.R.T. team that I'm with (hey , free training) & although we will do structure searches , the major stuff is handled by USAR. I've seen the USAR folks in action a couple of times & they're impressive to say the least! Last time out for me was Sept. '06 searching Julifs Park & adjacent area for a 3 year old missing boy named Marcus Fiesel. Turned out awfully as his foster parents were later arrested for his murder & subsequent coverup. "Moms"trial just started this past Monday...boy would I love to be there for that. In the meantime it's all just practice for me , but I have fun with it. Thanks for reading & thanks again for the welcome. Cliff
  9. Member Introductions

    Hi all ! Cliff from Cincinnati here. First timer to this site and glad to be here. Sorry...that's the only pic of me I could find :blushing: Some of my "interests" are Search and Rescue , HazMat , C.E.R.T. , Confined Space Entry & Rescue , you know...stuff like that. Anyway , enough about me..I'm going back to reading more about all of you folks. Looks like an interesting group hangs out here. Thanks for reading. Cliff