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    Hey hey long time no see. Sorry I havent been around lately Ive been busy with my new job installing security cams in the woman's showers. :thumbup: Ive got a new Twitter account. Man its a lot of fun. I was lookin at myself in a mirror and decided my weiner was so pritty I should share it with the whole world. Ive got a bunch of pictures of it on my Twitter account. I cant wait for the girls to flock in. There going to be hotter then than two cats fighting in a wool sock. There aint nothin that turns a woman faster then lookin at my weiner on the internet. scared011.gif Its been a little slow gettin started though Ive only had one come back from some gal that calls her self Larry. It must be short for Lorraine. :unsure: Well I gotta get out of here faster then my shadow. Im late for my appointment with my parole officer. How did I know she was only 13 she didnt look a day younger then 15. See ya out in the fast lane. :wave: SURVIVOR GUY
  2. Campfire Talk

    Hey folks long time no see. :wave: Ive been traveling a lot lately. I just got back from Egypt where I was working in house keeping for a clinic but I had to get out of there because of the riots. :scared: The clinics are busy as hell with hundreds of people coming in with sore arms from rock throwing 24/7. Its a huge problem over there. 8| Ive been busy with my new web site large granny lesbians. Welcome to my newest member Old Fat Person :arigato: Well I better get back. :wave:
  3. Campfire Talk

    Survivor Gal Your every mans fantasy "You dont tell you dont swell and your grateful as hell". I had a gal like you once that was nearly perfect. The only thing was she had a glass eye that she took out during sex. I finally had to move on but she told me she would keep an eye out for me. :smoke:

    Size only matters unless your vagina echoes HELLO HELLO hello after that "its all in what you get used to" any old timer knows that. "Let your fingers do the walking" just aint good for the yellow pages and I can prove it. Hugh Hefner just got engaged again at 88 but he has a LOT better motivation if you know what I mean. If every thing else fails mix eggnog, AW cream soda and Capin Morgan spice rum and they all look good after that.You wont care what happens. :dribble:
  5. Campfire Talk

    Nuthin turns my stomach faster then a pair of boobs in my back.
  6. Campfire Talk

    Me- Hows that? S Gal- No good. Me- what wrong? S Gal- Its in the mattress. Me- Well fix it. S GAl -There hows that? Me-Put it back in the mattress.
  7. Campfire Talk

    I like the way her big but makes waves when you slap it. I like to slap it and ride the waves in.
  8. Campfire Talk

    Hey where is my main squeeze Survivor Gal? Im the boyfriend who likes the black panties. Sorry I aint been around for a while I been busy sellin cucumbers to a womans prison.
  9. The Man Cave

    This just in> It seems Ol Fat Guy was trying bungee jumping. Right at the last moment he chickened out but the attendant told him that he was gay and if Fat Guy didnt jump he was going to have sex with him. :scared: They asked Fat Guy if he jumped and he said just a little at first. love072.gif

    What I do works great but its a slow process. I take the broken jack-o-lantern back to the garden and leave it. Eventually it disintegrates and the seeds fall out and start growing. Than just in time for next years Halloween its repaired and ready for another jack-o-lantern. :yes: Its part of Ol Survivor Guys recycle program. :thumbup:

    Well than make a banana bread with nuts.

    That would be your one eyed one horn flyin purple people eater. :smoke:
  13. Campfire Talk

    Any body seen that Gandar guy? happy114.gif He tried to make me squeal like a pig. WEEEEEEEEE WEEEEEEE love072.gif

    Well hell thats easy the largest use for cow hide the world over is to keep a cow from becoming a blood fountain and to hold a cows guts in of course. :nono: I cant believe you didnt know that. :nop: If your talkin about the best use is those chaps the strippers wear. love072.gif :naughty: