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  1. Music Corner

    This is one of the greatest bands I have ever listened to. This album in general is a whole other entity of its own.
  2. Music Corner

    I love many different types of music.
  3. Music Corner

    Hey, it's Squattie, Taken's daughter.
  4. Campfire Talk

    Anyone on? O_o
  5. Campfire Talk

    Oh, Taken is my mom just so you guys know.
  6. Campfire Talk

    Yeah. Because cocaine is insane. *oh knee slapper* It's not "natural". wacky078.gif
  7. Campfire Talk

    I got friends like that, and we have kown each other for centuries. They've been going through the same crazy shit I have in life, and somehow we just fit together. People look at us like we are crazy, but we are the few people who will make anyone feel at home and accepted. We just do whatever here.
  8. Campfire Talk

    Free lance, man, free lance. Plus there are different laws for different countries. LOL!!!
  9. Campfire Talk

    I know. I'm not a fan of the liqour. Lol. It's not my thing, so I don't really "party" much with my peers in college. THey think I'm weird.
  10. Campfire Talk

    And listen to Darker Side of the Moon. :smoke:
  11. Campfire Talk

    You've no idea. Haha!!!
  12. Campfire Talk

    Yeah. I can understand needing something to help your mind flow better. Look at all the great writers that have been around. Haha! Poe was drunk for the most part of his life.
  13. Campfire Talk

    I like to say, "Turn on, tune in, drop out..." There's no telling where your spirit will take you.
  14. Campfire Talk

    That's something I want to do before I die now. Lol. I got this new mentality recently. If I want to do something then why not? What is there to stop me? I'm a guest on this planet, and I want to experience all I can here. Like my friend Blake says, "This world is my oyster and I'm going to f**ck the Hell out of it." LMAO
  15. Campfire Talk

    John Lennon and I share the same spirit animal too. We are both the monarch butterfly.