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  1. Campfire Talk

    Hey everybody! Just stopping by to throw a log on the fire. Dang rain during the week is gonna have me working this Saturday...again! ..... I did make some plans for the next weekend. A friend invited me to go kayaking on Saturday, then preview a local band for our yearly caving party Saturday night. Then some real dirt time Sunday. A 200' vertical pit/cave. I haven't been on rope underground in so long! I can't wait!! :thumbsup:
  2. Campfire Talk

    Swede, I can't imagine a deer making it with a broken leg. That must be him. As for the weather, at this point, I don't care if it is 100deg or 20deg, if it will just stop raining every day. Alabama is turning into a rain forest... It has rained at least 3-4 days a week since the beginning of the year. At least now there is some grass growing in the mud to hold it in place. gen140.gif
  3. Campfire Talk

    The one on the right needs to be a hood ornament on a 1975 Cadillac Fleetwood Deville convertible moose0024.gif
  4. Campfire Talk

    Swede, My friend took an antler like the one on the left and stuck it in the fork of a crepe mertle outside my glass kitchen door. It grew into the tree fork and I watched the squirrels knaw on it for 2 years. There is still a nub that the bark hasn't covered yet. I need to stick another one out there.
  5. The Eagle has landed!

    Thanks everyone. The story was a bit personal but I felt the need to share. Back when this forum was started, it was mostly an "I got lost outdoors and had to survive cenario." Survival comes in many forms and happens from day to day. I spent years learning bushcraft to find my survival situation at home in a recliner for months. No matter how much we prepare for what we think will happen, we dont get to pick or plan our future situations. It is impossible to be mentally and physically prepared for everything all the time. You can't carry a bag around big enough to have all the tools you may ever need. The only thing needed to be prepared for any survival situation is the will. Ex: I had a bugout bag in the corner, but couldn't walk or open a bag of chips by myself for 2 months. years of bushcraft and BOB....useless..That is the ugly truth about survival..... Hi there Taken! happy114.gif Long time, no see(or type as it were) That's me... I was Eaglescout on the stroud forum. I dropped the scout part somewhere around the time We all moved here.
  6. This is an old thread, but I remember when Dave started this project. I saw the youtube video a few pages back. did he ever finish it?
  7. The Eagle has landed!

    When Swede invited me back, he asked me to tell what I have been up to. As I am still relearning my way around the site, I will just post here. I believe I was last active on here in 2006. I started caving in a place we call TAG. it is the spot where Tn, Al, and Ga meet. There are some 20,000 caves in this area and new ones are probably being found right now. I was a bit afraid of tight spots, but I haven't let fear stop me. At the same time I got really involved in vertical caving(basically rappelling and climbing rope with mountaineering gear). Not all caves are horizontal. There are many "pits" or "drops" as well. There is nothing cooler than hiking up a hill to a small hole in the ground, tying a rope around a rock or tree and rappelling into huge rooms hundreds...yes hundreds of feet underground! Along with horizontal and vertical caves, there are also multidrops. Those have horizontal, then vertical, then horizontal, etc. I have descended several mountains from the inside and swam out of the bottom. if you think spring water is cold, you should swim in it before it comes out of the ground! That lead to taking cave rescue classes, then becoming a certified professional rope access tech(I am a RAT lol). That means I can do confined space cave rescue, climb towers, windmills, bridges, buildings, etc in a industrial work environment where hanging from a rope in a harness is required. I still go backpacking, kayaking, canoeing, rafting, and now I define myself as a caver as well! Don't let the masses or doctors fool you into thinking getting older means doing less. The loss of will leads to inactivity which leads to loss of ability which leads to growing old. as proof, I fell off a roof 2 years ago. Fell only 10 feet but on to concrete while tangled in a falling ladder. No, my dumbass wasn't tied off because it was a very easy roof. I shattered my shoulder, broke left knee, cracked right knee cap and both elbows, sprained both wrists, broke 3 fingers on my left hand, blew 2 discs in my lower back, and took a Homer Simpson blow to the forehead. I had to make a decision..... be disabled and sit at home taking pain pills waiting on old age and inactivity to slowly kill me... or dig deep within myself and get back up. I chose the latter. It wasn't easy. It took until this past summer to get back to 95%, but I am back doing everything I did before I fell. Maybe more because I now know what it is like to sit in a recliner for 6 months like an old man. Inactivity is the leading cause of bad health. Yes I have aches and pains, but they only get worse if I sit around. The human will or "spark" is stronger than the human body. It gets easier to lose with age. My spark became dim for a while. That scared me worse than falling. We all need to work everyday to keep it burning just like a campfire will always need wood. That "spark" is the number one survival tool and trumps any piece of gear you can carry. Everything we need to survive is in our minds. Without a will to survive, no amount of skill, gear or prepping will keep you living... I promise I left out the bad stuff that has happened. That would be TMI ;-) I am a better person now in many ways. I have been tested and I survived! :thumbsup:
  8. Campfire Talk

    Just popping by to say hi and throw a log on the fire....
  9. The Eagle has landed!

    Thanks everyone! I will try to stay around this time happy070.gif
  10. Campfire Talk

    Wow! Over 8,000 pages of campfire. Glad to see it is still burning. I was around for the first 2,000 pages or so. Thanks Swede for inviting me back!
  11. Hi folks! I was around on the Les Stroud Forum and then moved here with it. Wow that was nearly a decade ago! I spent many a night by the campfire with ya'll. I haven't been around in a long time, anyone remember me?? I remember Holly, Wendy, Woodsman, Swede, Taken, Super Squirrel, Lost, Hazeywolf, and I am sure a few more will come to mind. How have ya'll been? Did you survive the apocalypse? I had one, but I survived it!!!
  12. Campfire Talk

    Only once?? You should give it another try. :hugegrin:
  13. Campfire Talk

    I have been doing both for many years. I rig my tarp and sleep on the ground when it is cold and no bugs. I rig the tarp over my hammock when it is hot and bugs are out. The tarp and the hammock are 1lb each so lighter than a tent. Works in Alabama anyway.lol Also, as I get older my knees get cramped in the hammock. I just wad my jacket up and put it under my knees and it fixed that. My 2 cents anyway
  14. Pictures of Our Members

    Haha. The door to door church guys asked me once if I did Civil War re-inactments (I don't). Nice to be back and see familiar people after this long. happy114.gif
  15. Campfire Talk

    goodnight, Taken and everyone else. I will stop back by the fire tomorrow. :yawn: