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  1. What would you expect, or like to see, as the format for season 3? Personally: 1. Work on making a camp and not just getting out 2. Learn how to fish 3. teach more of the fundamentals 4. Bigger game, meat preservation/preperation 5. Long term wilderness survival - making a bow for example 6. Bring a newbie with him, someone he can coach
  2. Incompetence

    My favorite demotivator is: "The second mouse gets the cheese." ROFL!!!
  3. On my truck I know where the fuel reset switch is, is that what you mean? I have heard that after an impact you might have to reset that switch for fuel to flow. The idea is to cut off the gas in case the crash caused a leak right?
  4. The Great Wild Survive I.Q. Test

    I just noticed, is that blue marker running down the center of her lip onto her chin? Ew.
  5. The Great Wild Survive I.Q. Test

    wow, ammo that leaves the barrel with its casing intact, must be re-usable ammo! When she tries to light up her cigarettes, the jackhammers make her hands shake?
  6. Making a Survival Bush Bow

    I just read a book on making bows, and the over-riding statement was that this process took weeks, drying the wood, and they used sinew to reforce the back of the bows etc. The only shortcut was finding the right piece of wood, dried, not rotted, little moisture etc while in the bush. The book is not a wilderness survival book but a primitive living book, so its ok to take weeks, but in a real survival situation... Antagonizer, AMAZING! I am going to build one for sure, next time I'm in the bush!
  7. Behind the scene episode

    Is P-Bear going to have new vacations..uh..I mean survival experiences, or are we looking at reruns there too? Even tho he was caught with his pants down..oh wait, he does that on purpose..you know what I mean..it's still interesting to see what foolish things he will do next!
  8. Campfire Talk

  9. Do you know if there is only one switch that kills the engine if you get in an accident? The airbags themselves are not a bad thing in a BOV, the problem is the secondary action that disables the vehicle when the airbag(s) deploy. That is what I would suggest people turn off. Is this the same circuit that shuts off the engine in an accident? Perhaps the easiest method is to find the procedures to re-enable the engine if the bags are deployed, do you know what that takes? Is it complicated and can only be done by a dealership?
  10. Campfire Talk

    Any reason that I can't respond to PMs or send them?
  11. One important aspect of any BOV is something that most people overlook, at least I didn't think of this until now: Disable the airbags!!!! Most vehicles today that have airbags also have a kill switch that when the sensors detect a collision, they deploy the airbags. Smart vehicles deploy only the airbags with people in the seat, so that the passenger one doesn't go off if no one is in the seat, thus saving you money to replace the bags. Another feature, if you can call it that is that it disables the vehicle so you don't try to drive with the airbag in your lap. For regular city driving, I am sure this is a good thing, but in the bush, bugging out during an event, the last thing you want is your vehicle dead because you had an accident. Regardless of how bad the accident is, you probably want to be able to continue, if you can. Your vehicle might be the only method of extracting yourself, or an injured member of your party, to a hospital or other location for treatment/safety. Some vehicles have a button or key lock to disable the airbags on the passenger side, but I don't know of any vehicle with the same feature for the driver side airbag. The sensors that detect the collision and deploy the airbag are probably what send the signal to the computer to disable the vehicle itself. Perhaps a mechanic in the group can give us some ideas of what can be done pre-bugout to remedy this situation.
  12. Campfire Talk

    Bye everyone, kids are driving mom ragged this morning, DAD to the RESCUE! (cape in the wind!)
  13. Interesting People I Met this week

    While returning from another trip, I ran into a young military soldier. He was fresh out of boot camp, and a southerner. I think he told me he was grom Georgia. He was on his way to Alaska, his first posting. His training was in supply and he was heading up to a base to basically do "supply" work. It's interesting that once he completed his basic training, and his "supply" training, that he now goes to work doing his job. Most of the specialties that require destruction (armored, sniper etc.) spend non-combat days training. He wasn't going to Alaska for training, he was going to do work. I asked him if he had any winter survival training, and he said none. I asked him if he had any survival training, he said none. I asked him if he was going to be trained in either, and he said, "not that he knew". We had about 1 hour and 30 minutes until our plane left, so I gave him a quick "what to watch out for" lesson. He was surprised at how little he knew. I told him about our great website and gave him my email. I hope he joins us here, and I hope he gets some training. I am not concerned with his safety because anyone can live in alaska and stay on base and they will be fine, what really saddens me is that he could be there for 4 years and not see much else than his base because he lacks the training to go out and enjoy the location. Alaska is at the top of my list of places to live (one day maybe!) and Miami is at the very bottom.