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  1. thank you! such long time since i last been here...the website's birthday notification mail got me here.
  2. Campfire Talk

    in romania is sunny and warm the snow started to melt 4 days ago and now it's almost gone
  3. this is the guy that gets saved?...is this the episode you are talking about ? i didn't see it P.S. this is a "making of" photo later edit: i found a trailer for that episode on youtube:
  4. WOW Machine...your kid growed up alot since i last seen any pictures of you and him....i hope you're still teaching him great survival skills !
  5. i started this topic inspired by doros pictures
  6. i think it's about a guy who gets lost in the woods and get ruffed up by a bear... i didn't find any of the episodes on youtube...but there are a fair number of comerciarls i participated in. by the way, i missed you too holly
  7. Campfire Talk

    in romania it's starting to be warm again...still....-5 to -8 degrees celsius ...but it's improvement...
  8. in all the time i went missing from the forum i was and i still am earning my living as a stuntman...and i am so happy that i could have actually played in one of " i shouldn't be alive" episodes...i played as a stuntdouble in the nightmare on the mountain episode...i didn't get to see it ...because the episode is missing on all the torrents i looked it up on
  9. Getting Over Fears

    i didn't read what the other guys sayd ...so if i repeat what they said...you know why... ok ....this is how i do it ...doing parkour ...i oftenly find a lot of moves that make me fear...but i try to fight that fear and tell my brain it's nothing hard. what i am trying to tell....the best way to make fear go away is to face it .... i read one of your post in wich you said that you are afraid of not knowing what is out there...my best suggestion is to buy some pepper spray
  10. How long have you been on?

    21 hours and 23 minutes. :rofl:
  11. wow...this is a trp i'd love to take...great stuff. did you practice any survival techniques ?
  12. Booby Traps

    the only booby trap i saw was when i were 8-9 years old ...it was the booby trap that if you push in the middle of it ...two big blades come from the side into the thing you pushed the middle with...the only wierd thing is that i live in the capital of romania ...and there are no bears or other dangerous animals here...except in the zoo...oh...and the gipsies.
  13. it's a tv show on discovery, that presents some incredible stories of people who went through incredible stuff. it isn't a surviving program but a more informative show. often it shows what happens to the body in different conditions.... this sunday the show told the story about 5 persons that got stranded on a life boat ater theyr yacht sank in the atlantic....in 5 days only 2 people remained alive... here it goes...5 people: 3 men and 2 wemen went on a cruise with theyr yacht on the atlantic...i don't know for what reason...the yacht sank and so they remained on the life boat...after 3 days, 2 men started to drink the salt water of the atlantic even though they've been told not to...and after 5-6 hours one of them started to halucinate :"i see land !!! i'm going to take the car and come after you guys.." and jumped in the water...not 1 minute later he gets eaten by sharks...after 2 hours the other guy decides to go to buy some cigarettes even though he was in the middle of the ocean. his friends were already exausted and couldn't move very much so they watched how he got eaten by sharks too....in that night one of the girls started to stare at the only guy left and jumped at his neck tu strangle him...after 2 seconds she calmed down and started going nuts by mumbling something and wigling her hand in the air ...in that night she died...the next morning the only 2 remaining people got saved by a russian boat...the story would have been even more interesting with all the details i missed..plus the visual ones since it was a reconstruction
  14. i saw some ferro rod on ebay ...9 dolars a piece