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  1. Whats this

    coffins military scared011.gif
  2. Campfire Talk

    My turkey was 11 lb. small just me and the wife . I cook my turkey in a paper bag cooks in half the time put in at 8 done at 11. Well must go get a piece to hand eat this goes on all night happy070.gif
  3. Campfire Talk

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. now here is me so be kind i am ugly looking happy070.gif
  4. Walking Quietly

    Go bare feet :yes: :yes:
  5. Mass Char clothe

    Yes there is more then one way to do it. I use the brasslite stove a 1/2 oz. alcohol is just the right time. Also i use kerosene wick cut in sq. a round altoids can. works for me.
  6. Bear Grylls

    I don't like him how come i cant change the channel also he makes more money then me :ranting: happy070.gif :curse:
  7. Season 2 Episodes: What do you think so far?

    Yep it was hot but i had the ac on. :grin: :grin: All i can say if you can see the good points and bad you learned something. happy070.gif
  8. Whats this

    Yep Forlorn Hope you got it right its got a wick in it and burns kerosene some smoke a lot too
  9. Trekking reporter questions

    Are you afraid of the dark? What kind of stove do you use ? Do you use all mail drops or do you go in town to resupply? happy070.gif
  10. Bear gets caught

    One off the best one he could not get a fire going. He was using them fire rod was going down to wards the tender with the sparks. I always put some tender under the steel holding it with my thump then i pull up on the fire rod against the steel. happy070.gif
  11. BoB Fanny Pack

    It depends how long you bug out. I am getting one ready by the door fixing up for a week supply. I have one in the car two day supply coffee water noddles first and etc.
  12. Favorite Sounds

    I have lots of sound that i like but when the better half says supper is ready that the number one for me.
  13. Fishing Pen?

    Well they are here got two. The pole is great it will bend half circle.That line looks a little like a 3 lb. line i replace it with a 6 or 8 whatever. The drag is hard to turn need grease i guess . the housing is steel the star drag wheel is plastics The only thing bad as of now when you need to take reel of the front eye is small must take hook off will not past. Just as soon as it cools down go out try.Good to keep in car or back pack.
  14. SURVIVOR GUYS June road trip

    See it is true women do wear the paints men say yes dear. :scared:
  15. Fishing Pen?

    All the time that i have fished never got a 5 lb. fish so no worry. :unsure: