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  1. Holly thought it would be a nice idea to keep up with member's birthdays as they wish them to be known. This means you have to tell how old you really are. So who wants to be first in giving in? :yes: :yes: :yes:
  2. Any member that wishes to post a picture of themself here may do so. Give others an oportunity to see who it is they are speaking with.
  3. What equipment makes your camping trips more enjoyable? What do you use? What have you disgarded?
  4. Rough camping where you hike it in; car camping where your pull up next to your site and set up a tent; or a pop-up or pull trailer? What made you choose the way you camp? How did you start out and why are you where you are now? Mention the pros and cons of your choices.
  5. How many of you could survive long term in the wilderness if you could never return home?
  6. During times of civil unrest, power outages, natural disasters, and other stressful emergencies, we can become victimized by a home invasion. Whether home or not, a would be intruder will break through a door to gain entrance into your home. These individuals are quick and determined to take what they want. Have you prepared your house, or do you have suggestions for preparing your home against such tactics? Example: Security doors, alarm systems, internal shudders on windows, etc. Are you ready for an event like this?
  7. Of all the huntsman I know, they all have hit that favorite place no one knows about. How many have a place like that, and still keep going back?
  8. Most of us have a favorite animal or animals that we are more partial to than others. What animal or animals do you like to be around?
  9. Rods and Reels

    What types of rods and reels work best for you?
  10. Many here have off road equipment on their vehicles that will allow for more rough terrain, but I would like to see the ideas everyone has regarding those times you get stuck and there is no way the vehicle can get unstuck under its own power. What tricks do you have to share that others can use to their advantage? The most recent Field and Stream posted an article on how to use two recovery straps and a cargo self-racheting device called a come-along. The basics are to anchor one end to a solid item on the vehicle and the other to a tree or boulder, something solidly fixed in placed. The self-racheting device goes in between and as you crank the rachet it will aid in pulling you out of the situation. Materials such as cat litter and branches and such under the tires aid in traction. Take care after using this method, as it can damage the straps; and caution should be used in the proximity of where others stand while the vehicle is being pulled out. Other ideas?
  11. For those of you who wish to load pictures to a post, there are free photo hosting services to use: http://www.imageshack.us/ http://photobucket.com/ http://www.flickr.com/ Step by step you can download pictures for posts. #1 - Go to the above link for imageshack. #2 - The screen will look something like this: #3 - Select the "Browse" button. #4 - A pop up window will appear for you to select a picture that you have already saved to your own files. Find the picture you want and highlight it, then hit open. This will paste your selection into the little box just to the left of the "Browse" button. (IMPORTANT: Make sure your picture is of proper size before hosting.) #5 - Now hit the "Host It" button on the imageshack screen. (Depending on your loading time it may take a few seconds to a couple of minutes.) The "Host It" button will change to say "uploading..." You will know when it is done when the imageshack screen changes to this one: #6 - You will note that your picture as selected from your own files will appear in a little box just below four bars of new script. It will be displayed just below the Browse button. #7 - Just below the little picture you will want to "select the first line" of the bottom five lines of script. (To do this click on the script line and it will be highlighted to blue. "Right click your mouse arrow on the blue bar, hit copy." #8 - Now go to the Wildsurvive screen where you want to add your picture. Tap with your left mouse button where it will go. Place your mouse arrow on the cursor. Right click your mouse and then select paste. This should place the line of text there. #9 - Now, before posting, hit the preview button and you can see what you picture will look like. Hit the post button if it is correct.
  12. Scavenging parts from a vehicle can save your life in a time when you may have gone off road or you break down hundreds of miles from help. These are suggestions that should be used with caution and are not recommended as an assurance of rescue. Notifying others of your plans in detail and sticking with those plans will in fact be what will get you the fastest help you need. On top of this have substantial supplies along as well for your trip. Never rely on the next stop for food and fuel. •Open all doors, hood, and trunk. This is a distress signal for aircraft. •Battery to start a fire •Seats are good for insulation, cut open seat and use stuffing for insulation. Also for bedding. •Mirrors could be used as a signal. •Loosen the oil pan drain to release a little oil, add to fire for darker smoke and also a hotter fire. •Remove glove box, can be used for shoveling snow instead of using hands. •Cup holders, trays, etc. can be used to for holding water, or as a container. •Lots of wiring, for snares, traps, or cordage. •Use some fabric to draw some gasoline out of gas tank, great for fire starting. •Air cleaner lid for a plate or bowl (depending on vehicle) •Lots of rubber on a vehicle, under the hood you have hoses and belts, under the vehicle you have four tires, and don’t forget the spare. These make a very dark smoke as well as an extremely hot fire. •Sheet metal can be used for arrowheads, spearheads, knives, and will also will make good reflector walls for fire. It could also use as a sled, wind and weather protection. •Tires can be used for shoes, or sandals, knee pads, shin guards, shingles, signaling, etc.. Remember that tires have metal cords running through them so cutting them will be quite the chore once you get through the sidewall. •Metal fuel or brake lines could make a good blowgun. •In a permanent situation the exhaust piping could be used as a chimney for a shelter. •The shell of your catalytic converter could be made in to a spade, by joining to a sapling or good-sized branch and you have a shovel. •Hub cabs could be used for plates or similar uses. (Clean thoroughly first brake dust could contain asbestos.) •Wiper fluid reservoir and hoses could make a “camel back” type of hydration pack. (Clean thoroughly first) •The carpeting and headliner could be used for bedding, or clothing. •Larger interior panels could be fabricated into snowshoes. •The hood of the car could be used as a roof of a shelter, for a vehicle is not airtight and is rather drafty. •Some gaskets are also made of rubber, the door seals are rubber. Again good for fire and or cordage, etc. •Floor mats could be used as a wind block for drafty areas or window coverings, etc. •Windows could be used as solar magnifiers, make an oven or to warm a shelter. •Rims: could be used as a deadfall, or grill, or as a base for a table or bench. Depending on type of rim, Steel for a fire pit, Mag or Aluminum can make a fire extremely hot, but remember not to put out a mag or aluminum fire out with water. •Oil and grease to lubricate a bearing block of bow and drill. •Lug nuts could be used as projectiles. •Lug wrench is practically already a weapon and or crowbar. •Be prepared in your vehicle have enough tools to disassemble your vehicle at least partially. Extra quart or two of oil, fluids, etc. •Mufflers are usually packed with fiberglass for sound deadening, which could be used for insulation or other uses. Plastic trim could be used as eye protection. Anyone with additional ideas can add onto this list as long as what you print is done so with accuracy.
  13. Knowning before an storm approaches can make the difference. http://www.weather.gov/
  14. How many others are interested in Homeopathic Medicine and if so, what meds and kits have you used and for what ailment?
  15. The Wild Dog Walking adrift in the darkness of the past Remembering is all you have left Silently existing in the cold of the world Never having hope, never knowing love Cradled within there is an existence of despair Sheltered by no one’s comforting arms Hungering for a warm place to lay your head A wanderer in a night of snow and cold Seeking a place to hide from the blowing wind Huddled against the side of a old wall or tree Always keeping your black fur to the night Nothing will remove the scars of your memory Can no one ever again gain your trust You run away from all who might approach you Tonight I found your prints in the snow Closer than ever before where you have stood So lonely you must be, wild dog I call Jake A home will be here one day if you return
  16. Has anyone experienced or has anyone considered living in a R.V. full time? Up north in summer and down south in the winter. Any feed back is appreciated.
  17. new to forum

    That is one for the Scouts. They will surprise you with anything Tatonka. Surprised me. Doesn't it surprise you too? Wonder if road kill is ever worked up?
  18. Actually, it will just be me. Where I set up, it should be as secluded as I can get. If not it will get as close to remote as possible and I will hike in a ways. Always ready to hone the skills. Thanks Joe.
  19. Good post Mr. Coffee. Always important to remember how it can all go bad so quickly.
  20. Fishing kits

    Definitely nice. I just put together a small setup and can't wait to use it. Very compact and fits in a camera case. Needed a little extra gear than what my other and older kit had.
  21. Fishing kits

    It says it is not intended for fish over two pounds. That's a quick meal in an emergency. http://www.fishpen.com/faq.html
  22. Good info - THANKS. I will check into it. I have been gadding about and taking some trips, but not quite ready for the long haul yet. Still working out some details on selling the house, takes too long for my taste, but it is up to banks and the market.
  23. Maybe some of the UN members thought there may be a need for themselves when they go into the country. Heavens knows that some of them did when in the Sudan. Can anyone say they were not thinking of themselves?
  24. Joe, WOW! What a turn around. That thing is awesome. Machine is jealous. lol
  25. Heard any good ones lately

    #9 - I would probably find a rubber mallet. wacky078.gif