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  1. City boys lost in wilderness hike

    L.W., I called the Producer with details about our excursion and requested to meet with him in person to discuss the screenplay. He suggested we meet downtown at Eagans (some fancy restaurant) for lunch. Does this mean I have to pay the bill? I am assuming "PM" means Post message?
  2. City boys lost in wilderness hike

    Thanx L.W. ! It will be a fictional script based on our adventures in the Forest. The Producer of Lightning Rod Studios (also based in Wisconsin - lightningrodstudios.com) suggested that we put together a promotional package. I could either pay the $1250 to have them assist me with tweaking the screenplay, and present it to various investors or I could put together my own package with a pictorial overview of the sites mentioned in my screenplay - not nearly as professional, but much cheaper. I understand that this business has a lot of scammers, but, this producer is also my friends brother-in-law. That's how I got him to read it, and his partner was already familiar with it from the Great Lakes Film festival. I can't help but feel confident that their intentions are genuine. I too, am a member of the Writers Guild East, but in no way have I come close to the success that you've had. I thank you for your insight and support. I am alone on an island here and would appreciate the opportunity to contact you again. Can I contact you by other means? I've got a lot more questions, and would be grateful for the help. Thanx again! I''ll send video when the site lets me.
  3. City boys lost in wilderness hike

    Kettle Moraine, that sounds like a plan. I really should take a class to better educate myself on hiking as well. Thanks for the advice. I can send a couple of pics, but the majority of the trip (including the tornado damage) was video taped.
  4. City boys lost in wilderness hike

    Yes, I've returned...alive. We hiked for miles and found that what was once a beautiful untouched landscape with forgotten trails and logging roads from nearly a century ago, has been ravished by modern developers and advanced logging machinery. Where there was once narrow trails obscured by brush and tall grass, we found wide paths smoothed over by huge construction vehicles. We found a boy scout camp had been built and their camp ruled the majority of the area we traveled. It was very disappointing. However, we still managed to meander far enough into the woods to get lost. We had a compass and a map, but the map failed to display roads and certain paths. The map failed to list the logging roads in which we were lost on. Hours passed and it was near sunset. We were still unsure of our location. We stumbled across the mass destruction caused by a level 4 tornado that ripped through the terrain a short while ago. Trees bent and a whole area of forest leveled. The sheer devastation was awesome. Just before sundown we escaped the forest and ran into the highway then walked for (for what seemed like miles) back to the campgrounds. We were lost on the trails for 6 1/2 hrs. One of my friends sprained his ankle. He wasn't physically prepared for the hike - he wasn't with us the time before. We were covered with ticks and frequently throughout the hike, had to peel them off of each other. The bugs were so bad that, rather than sleep in the tent, we packed our things at 1:30 am and headed back home. We were being devoured by ticks - even in the tent. The muggy temperatures didn't help things. I guess we really are city boys - glad to be alive. Although if it wasn't for your help, we'd probably still be out there! Thank you! Any ideas for other camping/hikes? Adventures? in Wisconsin? We're ready for the next challenge.
  5. City boys lost in wilderness hike

    First of all, I want to thank all of you for the tremendous amount of support and helpful advice. I was taking notes. I guess some of you have questioned my story somewhat. Well, I can understand that. It's not everyday that a writers screenplay draws significant interest by an accomplished independent film production company. I've been writing since 5th grade and have 5 screenplays and 1 book to show for it. This particular screenplay was nominated for an award at the Great Lakes Film festival last year. The ordeal my friend and I survived 13 yrs ago happened in the Nicolet National Forest in northern Wisconsin. The terrain is not as challenging as the number of dead ends and disappearing trails we encountered. It was early September - the days were hot but the nights were very cold. We were lost in the forest for 9 hrs, which may not sound like a lot, but when you have no food, water, map, or access to outside communication, it can get pretty hairy- especially for two city boys without a lick of hiking or camping experience. We were originally staying on the campgrounds connected to the forest, and the very next morning trekked out into the woods for a recreational hike. We thought we could make it back, but lost our way. We eventually came across a road, and hitched a ride back. Since then, me and Doug have gained some weight, but are still somewhat athletic. I was advised by a director at the production studios that they would like confirmation that the sites and landmarks I seen and wrote about still exist, therefore they can create a promotional package to show an investor who is already interested in the story. If we can prove that the locations are still there, then this will save money and increase the budget for the movie dramatically, thus leaving more money for special effects and a bigger named actor/actress. This is critical. If the video confirmation falls through, there will be no movie. They say most of California is made up of struggling actors and writers just praying for that one big break. This could be mine, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Sorry, but you'll have to excuse me for not sharing the story in it's entirety at this time. Thanks again for your help. ....I'll keep taking notes.
  6. Okay, 13 yrs ago my friend and I were lost in the Nicolet National Forest. It is 1.5 million acres of forest. We located a forgotten logging camp and trails a century old. But we were 9 hrs into the thick woods with only a bottle of Jim Beam and cooking grease. We follwed the river as best we could, but the trails were more enticing yet led us into a mess. We had no compass to retrace our steps. We were completely lost and began hallucinating. The complete story is remarkable and horrifying, but that's not why I am posting this. Truth is, I am a writer, and the production company is interested in my screenplay about our adventure. They request that we retrace our steps from 13yrs ago and make video confirmation that these trails and certain places still exist. It will save a ton of money on their filming budget. I am returning with 3 friends. We are novices to camping and hiking. What will we need and what advice can you give 4 city boys to survive? How can we mark our trail, so we can retrace our steps back to camp? What happens if we encounter a mother bear? Stuff like that. Thanks!