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  1. Where can I go?

    Wow, HazeyWolf, that's really a lot of great information. To answer your questions, yes, I'm fluent in Spanish, and I've traveled throughout the world. I'm no survival expert but I have special military training that has introduced me firsthand to hunger, thirst, exposure, mental dispair, and other things that kill in the wild. Taken, you're exactly right about the regulations concerning transporting firearms. When I went to Iraq it was on a commercial flight and I held my M16 in my lap (the bolt they asked me to place in my pocket). However, there were only soldiers aboard and that was a special circumstance, to be sure. I guess the single most relevant information I could ask for, besides what you guys have already given me, is this: Into what countries may foreigners bring hunting rifles? Alternatively, in what countries may foreigners purchase firearms without doing a prohibitive amount of paperwork? This information is surprisingly hard to come by, so thanks a million.
  2. Where can I go?

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I know there are lots of great places in the US, and I may end up doing just that. I recently read in the New York Times that Idaho has a huge, nearly unknown wilderness area that may be just right. However, I was wondering about countries south of the Equator, because if I went during December/January (when I have time off) it would be summer, meaning I could travel a lot lighter. Taken, to answer your question: If I chose someplace like Australia, I couldn't just buy a rifle and take it with me because it is difficult or impossible to transport firearms internationally, or on planes. Thanks again.
  3. Where can I go?

    I wanted to take a month-long journey on foot this summer through the wilderness of northwestern Canada, living off of whatever I could kill or forage. Unfortunately I have to postpone. I have three weeks this winter to myself, and I'd like to take a similar trip at that time. Can anyone recommend good wilderness areas in the southern hemisphere where one can wander and take down game for food? It only need be a country where I can buy a rifle (i.e. Australia is out). Other than that, issues of legality are of little concern. I would just take the original trip to northern Canada, but I know from my time in the military just how miserable it is to be cold. Thanks to anyone who can provide suggestions.