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  1. DIY bushkraft site

    This is the home page of this site. Hope it helps. http://bushcraftuk.com/
  2. Machine, I found this info a few days ago. Thought it might help. 2 parts. http://www.jackmtn.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=72
  3. I feel that my chances would be pretty good. The most important thing in any situation of extreme stress would have to be personal strenghth and confidence in yourself. We all have a amazing ability to adapt and overcome harsh adversity.
  4. What's your occupation ?

    I am a graphic designer and work for a commercial printing company in Tampa. I also freelance design work for a few companies in town. :naughty:
  5. Looking Good Machine! I will be anxiously awaiting the final completed project photos.
  6. Favorite actor/actress

    Maureen O'Hara..."I would have to say in my humble opinion" she is the most beautiful woman that ever graced the silver screen.
  7. Freddie Mercury from Queen-The dude had a great set of pipes. Died way before his time. The Duke of course.
  8. What Games do you play?

    PS2-Socom 3 :thumbsup: This game is awsome when playing online. Been playing the same game for over a year and haven't gotten tired of it yet.
  9. Favorite actor/actress

    Mine would be Adam Sandler or Robin Williams for the guys but Salma Hayek 8| (YUMMY) would have to be my pick for the ladies.
  10. DIY bushkraft site

    I don't know who is Blade....hehehe ooops :lol:
  11. Hope "Bravo" :woot: doesn't get upset but I found a really informative DIY website that I would like to share... http://bushcraftuk.com/community/forumdisplay.php?s=2b3818cb3a9b76659d59b5723061cc29&f=25&page=1&sort=lastpost&order=&pp=20&daysprune=-1
  12. Cool, You can probley use the webbing in some future project.
  13. Burns

    No just going through 911 and telling them where it is located and the nearest FD is ok. Depends on situation also and if anyone is hurt. Short story...Three years back a group of high school kids decided to go out and get messed up at the beach then drive home smashed out of their minds. Well they didn't know it was going to be the worse fog of the year. They mised the jog in the road at a high rate of speed and slammed between to large Gfather Oaks. My wife and I were sound asleep untill we heard the screeching of the tires and the loud impact of the vechile. Into my jeans I jumped and down the stairs with the wife in hot pursuit. We looked for 30 min. and found nothing...the Sheriff finally found them when the fog lifted slightly. Two dead 1 critical. No smoke, lights, horn or anything just silence. Neighbors came out from 2 blocks away but no one found them until a hour after the accident. That was one long night.
  14. Burns

    Machine I have the same problem with our fire dept. I live in the northwest corner of my county. The county FD is 6 miles away and the next county FD is 1 mile away. We have to request the closer FD to be dispatched. When we call 911 it really gets the operator confused. They usually try to send someone from a third county! :woot: We have a jog in the road close to the house that eats alot of careless drivers at all hours of the night. Yes that is me directing traffic in my pj's at 3 in the morning. :lol:
  15. Using this section

    Great idea! This would help alot of the folks trying to get their gear together. I could envision a whole set of sub catagorys for this thread. Crafts, tools, cooking and such. The paracord thread seems to be a hit. :lol: