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  1. "Everybody run! Holly's got a gun!"

    Before you buy the S&W 38 check out a Springfield .40 subcompact. I just bought one and it is just the right size for CC
  2. Survivor Ninja!

    Doesn't seem to weird to me...........actually sounded similar to my younger years
  3. lunar eclipse

    good view here in Illinois, They always say that the crazy people come out when this happens so I want to make sure I go out and view it and confirm that i am crazy too!
  4. What new guns are on your wish list?

    How are the Nato rounds............. price wise
  5. What new guns are on your wish list?

    thinking about building an AR15 type weapon
  6. Deadly Cold

    Thats cold, what kind of equipment did you use, I have been wanting to try a winter campout
  7. Deadly Cold

    NUKEROOL QUOTE" The 3 day, wind chill did reach 100 below, the two day, sixty below. In Indiana, often the wind makes up the majority of the cold, but I have seen it 25 and 30 below, without the wind. More commonly a really cold day will hover around -10." What temp and wind combination does it take to get to 100 below
  8. Footwear

    Military style for me
  9. Darn I was hoping for an alcohol still happy097.gif
  10. Booby Traps

    Always expect the unexpected.........No need to be paranoid ..........don't let it stop you from enjoying the outdoors.just be cautious and safe
  11. Booby Traps

    Yes I have seen booby traps that were intended to keep people and law enforcement away from drug patches and labs. I have actually stepped on one of those nail boards. A 16 common nail does penetrate quite well and you bleed pretty good by the time you get your boot off also. I nicked an artery so the old direct pressure was the only way to stop the bleeding. Yes I did have my survival first aid kit with me.
  12. School PSK

    When I was in scholl pocket knives were OK. In todays society, I am not sure you can even carry paracord. I would be intrested to see the answers here based on grade level Like Grade School, High School, College
  13. Campfire Talk

    The bridge coverage has started as you say Swede, already politicians are lined up at the podium. I would rather hear the story from the Rescue people than the politicians. Just my 2 cents.
  14. Pictures of Our Members

    Swede.......that is a nice way of putting it. I know several members felt the same.
  15. Pictures of Our Members

    Thanks again,Yes I hung around the Stroud site, I hear it may come back.