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  1. I have always been a fan of the ranger wipe .... if you dont know what that is, there is a reason people in other countries eat with only one of their hands.
  2. What's on the table?

    I love the knives rick, very nice setup you got goin there too. I am envious of your skills
  3. Hello everyone

    Welcome to the forums! you will feel at home here im sure, we are a strange group but we try and be helpful. I like that you are into cold weather living. Winter is starting to become on of my favorite seasons.
  4. I was wondering about that spork...... When that picture was taken it was red but then later on I noticed you had a Pink spork.... I was wondering about that, I thought "could it have been the cold?" "Could it have gotten smoke inhalation and died and turned pink? then I realized, It always was pink, you were just playin tricks on our minds with that spork! im a witness to his trickery and tom foolery! there goes another topic....
  5. Deadly Cold

    thats the thing, bow told us to pack the snow tight around the bottom edge so he must have meant for us to not put in a liner on the inside, I really wanted to see how well the oven we made would direct the smoke out the top of the tipi.
  6. This is why i have a zombie escape plan! all you need is a crowbar baby...
  7. Shovels

    only problem with shrek is that he is gassy, every now and then the fire would flare up.....
  8. Shovels

    lol, nice work rick.
  9. Shovels

    On my tri fold shovel I put a crack in the metal peice that you tighten to keep the shovel stiff, Dont know when it happened but I noticed it later after using it a bit.... Still works but I retired it for backyard gardening only.... the coldsteel one looks like a good replacement, I have also seen old military ones in the army surplus stores around that have wooden handles much like the coldsteel version.
  10. Deadly Cold

    yeah that makes sense rick, sounds like a good idea too.
  11. Deadly Cold

    and rick, how did your anorak turn out as far as space on the inside to put your knees against your chest? mine needed a bit more room. but worked fine as just a big coat , I have a list of things after testing mine that i wanted to change and fix so I will be making a second one soon.
  12. Deadly Cold

    That was the worst part of the cold in my opinion, being in the tipi with all the smoke, that wreaked havok on my nasal passages and eyes! and it was nearly impossible to sleep! The cold was bad but it seemed almost bareable compared to the smoke! I knew about the inner liner in a tipi before the trip, I just thought that our flu's would accomplish the same thing, if not better, guess not. rick, what do you say the next time we go up there we add in a liner? I was thinking of heading up there sometime in the next couple months to do some camping
  13. Campfire Talk

    nuker, that probably would be pretty good for a scooter. I am basically just wearing waterproof pants and rain jacket over my clothes. works OK, I just hate it when the goggles fog up
  14. Campfire Talk

    yeah, i was just looking at the 10 day forecast for the chicagoland area and it looks like all rain across the board... makes me happy But i drive a scooter to work soo........im gona be wet.....
  15. the Lite My Fire spork

    I like metal sporks more , they dont melt.....