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  1. Faced with a life changing decision

    Sorry for the late response. I want to thank you all for the responses. I went to a weight loss seminar and got more information as well. I am kind of leaning toward the lap-band type surgery. Even though it is a little slower than the others, it will give the skin time to shrink back as well. Another reason is I am not to fond of having my guts rearranged on a permanent basis. Third, as mentioned above, it is reversable if needed. I am still thinking about it but I am taking everything in little steps on this serious subject. Thanks again. It is nice to talk to somebody about this.
  2. I am 38 years old and on disability. Several years ago I had injured my back and that is when I found out I had Scoliosis. Well due to the injury, I could no longer walk through any store without something to lean on like a cart. That had gotten me by for a while. Well as the years went on the job situation went down hill as has done for alot of people in this country. During this whole time other health problems had developed and worsened. I have been diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and my blood pressure has gone up. I am on BP medicine. During the whole time of not working and my other problems I had gained an extreme amount of weight. Now I am obese. I am severely not happy about this situation as it has me really depressed. The only option I have left is weight loss surgery. I am scared as hell. I have cried myself to what little sleep I can get. I have read the risks of some of these surgeries and they are no better than to remain fat, if the risks happen. I am so scared that I would die on the table even though there would be doctors right there. I feel so alone right now that I don't know what to do. I had always thought the toughest decision I had made was joining the military when I was 18 yrs old. Now I have this decision of life altering changes as to go with the surgeries or not. I do miss being skinny but I am still scared. Have any of you people had weight loss surgery or am I truly alone?
  3. lamp oil

    The company suggests that I use non parrafin based fuel like Klean heat or clear lamp oil. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  4. I am having a heck of a time trying to find a type of lamp oil for my oil lamp. I am trying to find the stuff called "Kleen Heat". My lamp uses a 5/8" wide flat wick. It is also made by Dietz, #20 Junior. I cannot even find clear lamp oil. Is there any place on line that sells this stuff? Who else would sell lamp oil?
  5. Thanks for the replies so far. More is always welcome as well. I was thinking of getting a spool of coast guard orange 550 cord. For some reason I have a real ichin' to get some survival goodies in this color. I think one reason might be is that orange is associated with emergencies and survival and is easily seen. Plus green and black does get kind of boring after a while. The only bad side to orange is if you were trying to hide from someone they would know where you were at. Please keep the replies coming.
  6. I would like your opinionon which to get. On Imsplus web sight they have 550 US Issue cord in a 1000 ft spool and in various colors for 49.95. They also have 2100 foot spool of 3/16" GI style utility cord for 47.95 in olive only. Which one would you get? Thank you.
  7. back packs

    Hillbilly; You could also try www.eagleindustries.com . They make awesome tactical and discrete products as well. While Blackhawk is great stuff, and I use their products as well, I find Eagle is finished a tad better. Both will serve you extremely well.
  8. Mag Sticks

    Is there another link to those super thick firesteel rods? The link in the first post doesn't work for me.
  9. I am thinking of getting one of those for a kit I would like to make for my mom.
  10. Hi there. I was curious are any of you familiar with the wetfire tinder pack that are normally associated with the blastmatch and strikeforce firestarters? The question I have is would it be a good idea to carry the tinderpack with other forms of firestarters, like the firebow, magnesium firestarter. bic lighter, etc.?
  11. I watched several of the reruns last night. They did edit the shows. I kind of think they even put in original scenes that they didn't use first time, as well as deleted a couple of scenes. Plus now he mentions how they talked to local survival experts and has his crew with him in case of an emergency. I will give him some credit though. He is in real good shape. I still thinks he is nuts. I sure a hell would not slide down a rock face to get to a tree line when you can walk around more safely. While the show itself is entertaining, alot of the things he does could get people killed or at least injured.
  12. End Of The World, 2012?

    For what its worth, here is my opinion. I think it will be as mentioned earlier about the poles shifting and also what some people call earth changes would occur. That is severe storms and earthquakes, volcano eruptions and tsunamis and the like. All this due to the poles shifting and possibly the earth itself tilting slightly differenlty than what it is now. Some areas are said to change permanately as far as their climates. Desert areas would become tropical. Moderate areas would become new arctic areas. Tropics would become desert. All that alone would make people think it was the end of the world and increase the pucker factor. 8| You can say that it already is happening because look at the way the weather has been the last few years. Severe flooding. Severe droughts. More violent storms. Also, the price of M&M's keep going up. :scared: Please forgive any misspellings.
  13. MrCoffee; I like the idea about baby powder. I just wrote that down on my shopping list. I am currently looking a getting a couple of SAK's to compliment my multitools. I have a few models I am choosing between. I don't know if this has been mentioned before but if it has than it is just a friendly reminder. I have always tried to carry baby wipes, for those times after you give your daily contribution to society. Makes you feel a little fresher. :hugegrin: Something else I thought of but it mainly applies to if you are adrift out at sea or in a huge lake like the Great Lakes in a life raft or boat and don't have a radio that can reach out. The item is called a sea die marker. It comes in a small container and containes a flourescent(spell?) powder that mixes with the water in a small area and turn the water a flourescent color so aircraft can easily spot you. We had those in the Navy. Plus they are fun if you have a neighbor you don't care for and he has a swimming pool. Of course I wouldn't know anything about that. :whistle:
  14. knots

    If you want to know alot more about other types of knots and the basic ones as well there is an awesome book that I bought back when I was in the Navy. It is written by Clifford w Ashley. It is 8" by11". It is called "The Ashley Book of Knots". There is a total of 610 pages in this book. It not only shows you the basic knots but also shows you all the types of knots that he found that was used throughout history. You can make alot of things with this book, form normal bracelets to jacobs ladders and even rope weapons. It will also show you how to splice line as well as backsplice line. This is a very good book and I highly suggest you get this. It will give you more ideas of ways to tie things up and make things as well out of all types of rope and line like the old native americans and old time sailors from way back. You will love this book. :thumbup:
  15. Light Sticks

    My guess it would take quite a few. Maybe a dozen or so. It depends on how big you want it. Plus I would also say it depends on the color as well because some are brighter than others and easier to see. I know one time me and a couple of shipmates(I was in the Navy) took one of the cigar type lights and went down into one of our gear lockers. We closed the hatch and broke the light so it would light up, then poked a hole in it and shook it all over the place. Man it looked like you were literally in outer space. It was awsome. We wasn't even drunk and we were still trippen' out. After a couple of days when the light wore out we went back down into the gear locker and you could see where the stuff that was inside the stick landed all over the place. The person in charge of us that day asked us what all this crap that was all over every thing was, we knew nothing about it, maybe one of the shipyardworkers did it.