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  1. Thanks Swede. I'm on a short hiatus from the archeological digs before I make my move out to BC in a couple of weeks, so I'll be around a bit. I've got a bow making/fletching class I need to teach next week, but after that it's the mad dash to figure out what's coming with me, and what's staying. I'll be camping the entire way, and plan on doing a trip diary on twitter and youtube, if you're interested. Gonna spend a night in the Badlands in Alberta. Should be fun.
  2. I know what you mean mist. It's a moral booster to know that there's a barrier between you and the things that go bump in the night. I knew a guy in Moosonee Ontario that always carried a string of those round xmas bells on it that he hung around his shelter. I found the ringing in the wind annoying while I was sleeping, but the realization that we carry these things on our packs to warn bears made the thought of having them around our site easier to deal with.
  3. Finally, everyone was asking me to make these vids on youtube, so I thought I'd share them here as well.
  4. My grandfather was a snare hunter and taught me a simple trap when I was a kid. Low calorie burn, and low skill level needed.
  5. I've been teaching some lithic hunting techniques and one favorite is the aztec split pouch sling I use so here's a vid I did on that;
  6. Here's another one on making an axe bow;
  7. I figured I'd post a little something before I make my final move to BC so here's a few youtubes I created. The first is on rope making.
  8. Period War Buffs

    I've always been fascinate by the French Indian war, and the siege of Fort William Henry, or as Canadian's call it, "The seven Year War". Mostly because I've always been fascinated by the period in history, but also because it represented the quintessential 'gentleman's' war. Although, I have spent quite a bit of time studying all the major battles in history; Hastings, Carthage, Gallic wars, even 'the horns of the bull' style tactics of Shaka Zulu. It's interesting but I've noticed three things matter most in field combat. 1 - poor infantry can decimate rich heavy cavalry with nothing more than a sharp stick 2 - in mixed unit tactics, archers are worth half a dozen infantry/cavalry etc 3 - 90% of all conflicts have been won by deception, and not brute force.
  9. Masters of Survival

    I got pretty excited when I saw the preview for it, until I found out that it's just clips from their own individual episodes. Of course they forgot to invite the one person that overshadows them all, Ray Mears, but then he would have made them all look like amateurs and stolen the show away. lol Seriously tho, Les didn't get enough air time. Too much on Bear and those Dual Survival guys.
  10. I was scouring some old video footage I had on my pc, when I found some for a tutorial I was making on putting together a bucksaw. So, with a bit of movie maker magic, I threw it together today. The concept is simple, replace the metal back support in your backpack with an 18" saw blade, then assemble when you get on site. The vid goes into detail.
  11. Tanning hides

    As you guys may recall, about a year and a half ago, I had a couple deer hides I was tanning that got chewed up by a rotten little colony of field mice. Anyway, before the critters got to them turning my hides into swiss cheese, they were about 90% done. What I had done with them was a 'traditional' method of tanning. I kept them frozen for a couple of weeks until I was ready to work, then I soaked them for 24 hours in a briny soup to loosen the flesh. After 24 hours, I pulled them out, laid them hair side down over a log size pole, and scraped the flesh off. I tried a few different tools, including a sharp knife, but it just 'cut' the flesh. The best tool was a half moon pizza cutter, like an ulu knife, that had an edge that wasn't sharp enough to cut, but was thin enough to get between the flesh and the hide. After that, I laid them out and rubbed some deer brain into them that the hunter I got the hides from had saved for me, and let them sit for 48 hours. The next step was to stretch them on a frame, and lean them over the fire pit for 6-8 hours, however when I returned to the fishing shack where I was storing them, I found dozens of field mice running over them chewing away. Suffice it to say, they were ruined but the process was working well. After the smoking, they would have been finished and ready for use.
  12. Les saves a young boy from the cold

    Ya I'm not good at searching. Laziness really. lol I just gave a quick check in Les' section and went with it.
  13. Ya, when I did my tour up north, we had one fella, not sure if he was a medic or not, who kept a series of meds in his kit. They came in handy twice when one person got a respiratory infection and another had a foot blister that went sour. It's my sole reason for wanting them. I was only out there for 60 days and we had two events where these scripts came in handy so it got me realizing how easy it is to take ill in harsh conditions.
  14. Don't know if anyone has seen this yet, but there was a story on yahoo news about a young boy that got lost on a ski trip and survived by using some of the tips that he picked up on survivorman. Les must be grinning from ear to ear right now and I'd say he deserves it. Here's the article; http://ca.news.yahoo.com/blogs/dailybrew/canadian-tv-personality-helps-boy-survive-cold-night-20110105-120416-525.html
  15. I find it kind of frustrating. Antibiotics aren't intoxicants and tho they can be dangerous if not taken properly, that can easily be rectified by a label and some common sense. I never understood why they were withheld from the general public. I've got an appointment with my doc in the next couple weeks. We'll see if she will hook me up.