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  1. Campfire Chat

    Nurk here. Set this up for chatting in a little different style than the campfire talk. I'd like to reserve it for groups who want to chat in real time. I got to thinking, Tess can talk on her laptop here too. I'll need to have her sign up. But that brought up a thought. Live chatting, you have to be a lot more forgiving of typo's, mispellings, and the occasional sentence that makes no sense....but that is often what makes it funny. Tess is dyslexic, and no matter what she's mispelled, she simply cannot see it. I often think how can she do that? But, here's a little learning disability of my own. If I stop to think about it, I can tell left from right. If I don't, I will almost automatically turn the wrong way. It also makes turning screws and bolts a challenge...I often actually look at the threads to see what is the correct way to tighten or loosen.
  2. Campfire Talk

    Eggs and sausage sound great!! Tessa could probably eat any or all of it. i have to avoid pancakes because of the evil carb. Thanks for the quick response. Be glad to see everyone again. Tessa says hi to everyone from the couch.
  3. Campfire Talk

    Hello, everyone!! Anybody know what the current plans are for Farmageddon?
  4. Campfire Talk

    Good for you Swede. Wow everything looks different. Instead of contributing to charity....other than like the good will, if you take that money and help out person to person like Swede did, you can actually see your money and time working.
  5. Campfire Talk

    A hello to all the forum members that I haven't seen for a while. Tess and I spent all day in the woods building up our little bushcraft camping area. Got the bed/sitting area done. Redid the fire area to make it bigger and better. Our woods is about 10 acres and maybe 25 % ash trees. We've been logging them out for firewood and building this bushcraft camping area.
  6. Campfire Talk

    Hey swede how ya doin'?
  7. Inspirational Quotes

    A person's reach should always exceed their grasp. Unknown, but I know for sure I didn't think of it. Always meant to me to keep trying to do stuff that maybe you would never be able to do....but who knows, you might figure it out? I should learn to duckduckgo more stuff.....author is Robert Browning, but not quite in the above form.
  8. Campfire Talk

    Happy New Year to one and all. It is 4:11 am here, Tess is still asleep...that slacker. Just put out the trash for pickup tomorrow, and it is -11F with a light wind, no cloud cover and what looks to be close to a full moon. Oh, Tess just wandered out of the bedroom and said, "Fire feels nice..." it's 88F here in the house...trying to avoid any water freeze-ups. We have about 6 inches of snow, and this week we are supposed to stay cold and get 2 to 6 more inches. Tess is back asleep....not sure she was fully awake. Thought I might call out some youtube survival type people that I've been watching who seem to know their stuff or it is educational watching them learn: Far North Bushcraft, David Pearson ReallyBigMonkey, Survival Lilly, and Mr. Chickadee. And one small tip that I heard and have been thinking about. If you carry a bow drill set with you...and maybe an antler or vertebrae bearing....why not carry a small steel roller bearing, or two? Might make friction fire a bit easier?
  9. Campfire Talk

    Merry Christmas everyone!! Almost 7:00 o'clock am here on Christmas Morning. Have a hot cup of tea, 19 degrees F, wind estimated at 15, gusting to 25. Going to be about 3F by tonight according to weather service. We have nice snow cover, beautiful on the trees. Hope you all; SG, Swede, Sharen, Doc and family, Muddy and anyone else I've had a senior moment and forgotten, have a Merry Christmas and a Grand New Year. Tessa is still sleeping, but I'm sure she would add her best wishes as well.
  10. Campfire Talk

    Are ya recovered yet, Swede?
  11. Campfire Talk

    Tess and I made it back home. We had a wonderful time at Farmageddon 2017. We want to thank Swede and Sharen for being such great hosts. Want to thank all the participants for such great conversations and just excellent company. We would have been home a bit earlier, but when in a big city, we have to stop at Sam's club and get our Sam's club stuff bought. Got home at 7:30 our time.
  12. Campfire Talk

    Tess and I are hoping to make it but we have no exact time of arrival.
  13. Campfire Chat

    We won't be able to make next campfire chat, sheduled for July 1, 2017. Weekend of our annual gaming convention that we host. Hope to see you in August.
  14. Campfire Chat

    Hey everyone. Sorry but somehow both Tess and I completely forgot the scheduled chat. I blame her. One of the things I've noticed about getting older is the darndest things will get forgotten. Anyhow, next scheduled chat is June 3rd, 2017. Nothing stops informal chats in here when anyone wants to, however. Again, my apologies to everyone.
  15. Campfire Chat

    Hello Tessa this is a test
  16. Campfire Chat

    First official chat will be on Saturday May 6, 2017 No set time, as I will be in the room starting at about 4 to 5 pm my time. That'll be 4 to 5 for the East Coast and 1 to 2 pm for the West Coast. Depending on what Tess has scheduled for that day, I may be on earlier. Topics are whatever we want to talk about. Tenderfeet may be the only ones who don't know, but keep in mind the family-friendly atmosphere of the forum.
  17. Campfire Talk

    Well, I find out that Muddy and us are on the same time, and three hours ahead of survivorgirl...right now at 6:00 am, she's at 3 am. Let her set the time, and make it the first Saturday of every month. If this is ok with Swede, that is. I don't think we should do it in the campfire talk topic, I'd set up a campfire chat reserved for strictly this, or maybe other groups would want to set up different times. I used to do a lot of this in the old IRC days, and on IRC, sometimes you'd be talking to Russians, English, South Americans, just anywhere in the world. Funny thing about IRC...sometimes you'd get "lagged", and someone would answer you back 10 to 30 minutes later, when you just thought they missed the question. Made for a very asynchronous communication.
  18. Campfire Talk

    Howdy to everyone...just a little update on things here. Tess got a new job after her old company folded in october. Had a couple of slim months but made it. Primary economic lesson is that you should have first a savings account with 6 month's to a years worth of survival money....and don't touch it unless you really really need it. We did that before we ever started investing. Every thing is getting back to normal, but she's working 50 hour weeks right now so that helps. Supposed to slow down after the busy season, and then mostly weekends are off... Cut down probably 30 ash trees killed by the borer. Got pretty good at dropping trees where I wanted them, and figured out some strategies when they hung up on the one next to them. Backhoe is working, had to replace a pin on the boom that broke, that's a fun job...grin. Worst part it's been so wet I haven't been able to use it for anything since the thaw. Don't want HUGE ruts everywhere. Already cut part of my grass once...neighbors shamed me into it. Wonder if it would be worth having a timed get together and maybe use a dedicated channel for chatting? Maybe campfire chat? Maybe once a month on a certain day like the 10th or 2nd sunday? Hey...gotta get back to work...you all take care.
  19. Campfire Talk

    Hello to everyone!!! Snowing here, and hunkering down with a warm wood stove. Tess and I are doing ok. She did get her knee operated on and it is improving slowly. Continuing to work cutting up trees and brush for wood stove. You all take care, we think of you even if we don't visit very often. Merry Christmas to everyone.
  20. Campfire Talk

    Looked and last post back in December!! Gonna definitely try to get back more often. Been busy, though. Tess and I have about 50 Ash trees, (15 to 3 inch, depending on how much sun they got) planted more than 25 years ago. They all are dead now from borer. Back in December, I had not bought any firewood, since these were all going to have to be taken down. Cutting maybe 2 a week, and getting brought in...kept me pretty busy. We've also had some health issues, which I am not going to go into...except that one of them has been a worsening knee for Tess, and she has an appointment next month. Car situations, new batteries for a couple, bad spark plug wires Suburban, Van needed some little part replaced, car bad idler pulley almost got serpentine belt, car also had new exhaust and found that front strut needed 3 new bushings, and now car is....according to the OBD....missing on number one cylinder. Lucky our repair guy is only 3 miles away and he's been doing a good job for us. Back to the trees, the power company decided they needed to trim our side and front trees, and of course, talking to the tree surgeon guy that decides what will be trimmed versus cut, they are going to take out 4 ashes, trim our birch, hickory, sugar maple, 48 inch cottonwood, and 48 inch catalpa. I've been keeping an eye on the trim crew, being as helpful as I can be....It took 5 visits from them, and 3 different crews. However, they trimmed everything the way we wanted. Now...I have a bunch of firewood to cut up and stack...so I can start mowing. (Piles of brush and cut logs everywhere.) Mowed for the first time yesterday. Gah that stuff was wet and high...but only tire blow up issues with the swisher pull behind mower and the tractor. Backhoe is now working again, after a year in the shop, and a 3700 dollar bill. When we got it back, still couldn't start it. Investigated, and found starter twice as large as one they had on it. Put this larger one on, surprise, it fits, and could very well have been the one it was supposed to have all along. Well, the engine has a new crankshaft and gaskets, so at least that is something for our money. Surprise, it now starts and I've been making a rigorous effort to start it and do something with it at least every two weeks. Mom spent a sizeable amount of the time since I was last on either in the hospital or nursing home, so we've been visiting regularly. She's back home again with brother and doing OK. I now realize there's a bunch of smaller issues that I can barely remember. I spent roughly two hours reading the 45 pages of campfire talk since I was last on. I hope everything is going well for everyone. Survivor Girl in particular...you commented quite regularly on gloom and no sun. 10 or so years ago, we had a very odd year for weather, and if I remember correctly it was over cast and no sun for something like a month or so straight. Everybody was getting cabin fever and grouchy. We fixed it for us by replacing all our fluorescent lights with what is called "full spectrum" tubes and bulbs. It seems like a harsh indoor light but you get used to it, and it seriously put me and the wife into better moods. Glad to hear Sharen seems better and that she got her shoulder fixed. KW seems like things are going well. Hope SGH's new job is going well as well (seems to be a bit clumsy sentence structure). Muddy, Old, Razor, and I'm sure I missed someone, keep up the good work. Tess and I have been sneaking some bushcraft into our routine. I've learned lashing, which I was aware of but couldn't do very well, and we've both been working on fire starting. I learned some new knots, but I really need to practice them often to remember them. Thinking of making a plastic card for the best of them, cause one of the fellas somewhere made a good point that if you are in a survival situation and confused or scared, having a card so you don't have to guess how to tie a certain knot is a really good idea. I am still pretty partial to my magnesium block, but wife wants to relearn fire bow. We've been playing with fire plow, but haven't been successful. I think that one needs us to develop some muscles...so it will take a while. Anyhow, I'll close this book and try to get on here a bit more often....maybe even with someone else on...grin.
  21. Campfire Talk

    Hey Swede!! Just this morning finished those potatoes you gave us. Not a bad one in the batch. Kept good too. Don't know what kind those were, but they had a real good flavor too. Thanks again.
  22. Farmageddon 2015!

    Tess enjoyed the chance to catch up on how things are going. She thoroughly enjoyed the weekend.
  23. Farmageddon 2015!

    Want to thank swede and sharen for hosting a very interesting and enjoyable get together. We got home about 5:00 pm our time. We stayed in a hotel in Danville on Sunday night. Good drive not much traffic. Nurk will unload and refurb van tomorrow. I am right this moment eating one of the green peppers. Tess is going to be eating a lot of potatoes this month. Especially enjoyed seeing all the different versions of the pvc bows. Boy, survivor girl's dead shot made a believer out of me. And the food, my stars and garters, the food (wife still looks a bit bloated....gonna have to get her back to work quick). She especially recommended the hamburger stew. She pigged on the cake (both kinds). Frog legs were great, but Tess is a frog lover and I'm not sure she'll get over it. 2 or 3 years of psychotherapy should finish her up. She also says OFG walks too fast for her. She also enjoyed the bacon water chestnut skewers. One special highlight was the really cute energetic adorable appetite on four legs beagle puppy. Thanks to everyone for a great weekend.
  24. Inspirational Quotes

    Excellent quotes below. well done, everyone! A few from Yeats: William Butler Yeats You that would judge me, do not judge alone this book or that, come to this hallowed place where my friends' portraits hang and look thereon; Ireland's history in their lineaments trace; think where man's glory most begins and ends and say my glory was I had such friends. Nurk note: For the one above I wanted to include all of it for original context, but the important part of the quote for me is: "My glory was that I had such friends." _/~\_/~\_/~\_/~\_/~\_ The light of lights looks always on the motive, not the deed, the shadow of shadows on the deed alone. _/~\_/~\_/~\_/~\_/~\_ When you are old and gray and full of sleep, and nodding by the fire, take down this book and slowly read, and dream of the soft look your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep. _/~\_/~\_/~\_/~\_/~\_ The years like great black oxen tread the world, and God, the herdsman, goads them on behind, and I am broken by their passing feet. _/~\_/~\_/~\_/~\_/~\_ Accursed who brings to light of day the writings I have cast away. _/~\_/~\_/~\_/~\_/~\_ I know that I shall meet my fate somewhere among the clouds above; those that I fight I do not hate, those that I guard I do not love.
  25. Campfire Talk

    Still got some stuff to do, so I'll get outta here, you all have a good evening.