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  1. My Ride

    Real nice car, I like the colour :thumbup:
  2. My Next Project

    I would also add a 1" or so wood ridge border along both sides of the backboard to allow a mesh or canvass piece to be fixed/stretched out to act as a "cushion" for the Mom so the board would not be so hard on her and be ventilated in the process..
  3. My Next Project

    Staying in more older trad style foot rest could be made of bent wood in a latice/basket weave the would "cup" the feetas babies will not always keep feet vertical, this was to act as a catch all so that the feet would not slip through the splint foot rest especialy on the trail. Along with the ties and pad and blankets added an otrher layer of safety. Will this be used also as a back cradle? Tell me are you making a knife for the baby as well, :thumbsup:

    Best of the day to you Swede, older and wiser :thumbup:
  5. BoB Fanny Pack

    Try to keep your fanny pack for your immediate necessities.."E" poncho/blanket, small compass, whistle, bandana, SAK, small diamond lap, ferro rod, energy bar, small water container etc... Not so much or so heavy it makes it too troublesome. Layer your immediate assets amongst yourself (belt, pockets) and your fanny pack. Be comfortable and consistant. Your BoB should be for longer term, as if you were going on a extended hike. I have extra clothes, especialy socks and high energy foods. Your BoB should be a stand alone piece of equipement, ready to go, try going out on a few hikes with your BoB and see what is missing or surperflous, rotate water and rations and seasonal needs. Just because you don't use something on the first hike, you may on others. So be patient in reducing until you are sure of its value or lack of, list what you could have used and see if you can balance around those items that are needed and those that are not. Realize you can only carry so much, so be frugal in the weight versus usesage.
  6. bobimbob

    Well I just don't know what to say, thank you all for the kind words and prayers.. they certainly did work. I had a bit of a hard time of it and still have to repeat it in the near future when I will be strong enough to withstand the remaining procedure again. For now I am quiet in the mornings (meds), getting used to the new flow and limitations, thats the hard part to get used to . Again thank you all :thumbup: Bobimbob
  7. bobimbob

    Hi, I'm bobimbob's son (using his access), giving an update if its OK. He went through both angiogram and angioplasty, they were able to do only one side as he is to weak to sustain the procedure on both sides. He had a severe reaction to one of the drugs used and coded, they were eventually able to bring him out with the immediate help of the staff which were great. He will be down for a while as he re-adjust to his new conditions and prepares for the next side if it is feasable and he can sustain the strain. Thanks for all the support, he overwhelmed. Will keep in touch. bobimbob jr.
  8. Then do it with your whole heart, mind and soul. Take every opportunity that comes along, go down every path, stare at the fire, smell the smoke and dream/remember, hold your sweatheart tight :loveu: paddle that river, wade the swamp, feel that hot loon s**t seep through your toes, the stink in your nostrils gaze at the moon but also at all that heavenly splendour, break bread and share a drink with a friend, make memories....live free!!!!!!
  9. attacked by two dogs

    I imagine that men take the act of being even possibly attacked as a personal challenge, even at the subconscious level and the attack escalates into more than just a dispaly. Plus men are more apt to walk alone triggering the packs instinct at a solitary target. For those who e-mailed,PM, thank you, I will be on every once in a while as i can. Bob :thumbup: :box:
  10. Campfire Talk

    On the way out, later all :wave:
  11. Campfire Talk

    Our mosquitoes are so large that we use them as an Air Force You've heard of the "Mosquito Squadron"
  12. Campfire Talk

    Our mosquitoes are so big that 6 already make a dozen :angel: I swear
  13. Campfire Talk

    Oh for the good old days of global warming :rofl:
  14. Global Warming

    Solar spot and flare magnetic activity will probably be shown as the real culprit but only when the PC CO2 is slayed to rest. There are several studies showing parallel levels and solar activity. But it would hard to raise money to protest the sun http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4340135300469846467
  15. Campfire Talk

    -2c, high winds, 3+ inches snow yah great :nono: