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  1. Along with the thread on snowshoes, what types of sled do we use either for winter trekking or camping or hunting. What materials are best? What style carries the load even? What harness do you use? Lead Dog should be a great source for us, explaining the ins and outs of dog sledding for most of us that only superficialy see dog sledding once in a while.
  2. What is your favorite cartridge, do you retain the same bullet style/weight for all big game? Do have a favorite brand of ammunition?
  3. How many of us re-certify or upgrade our first aid skills on any type of regular schedual? Before last year we had to recertify every year at my old work place, since I was a close friend of the instructor he would volonteer me to be the first responder or casualty on scene (which ever was the grossest, bless him :ranting:)
  4. Do some here camp or at least day hike in winter? How do you set up your hike or camp area? Do you use cross country skis? or snowshoes? If using cross country skis are they the groomed trail version or the Scandanavian wider long trail skis? Any special kit that you have found invaluable? or food that you truky love in the winter? Do you use a human powered or dog powered sled ( ;)LD) What style of clothes do you bring along?
  5. Do you see a difference between survival and bushcraft? How so? How do you seperate either subject? What do you practise the most?
  6. Along the lines of being armed in the wilds, but what firearm would you carry to survive in the bush? To gather meat and anything else.
  7. Field dressing game

    What do you include in your field dressing kit for: Small game? Large game?
  8. Turkey Hunting

    In keeping with the spirit of the day how many hunt their Thanks Giving Turkey? Do you have a traditional place to hunt? A family/friends celebration? Oh by the way Happy Thanks Giving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup:
  9. Do you have a "style" of clothing that you gravitate to when out and about? Does the possibility of being stranded affect your clothing choice? Dress in layers always? Natural fibers? Synthetics? Colour preference? Favorite hat? shirt? jacket? pant? scarf? Comfort clothes, so old/thin that you can read a newspaper through?
  10. Other than trainning for a survival situation, do you bring comfort items with you when you camp or do you rough it with the minimum needs?
  11. Lights?

    What sources of light do you use? I carry a small 2-C-cell Browning plastic flashlight and or a MIni Mag lite, very bright and portable but I still have told hold it or find a rest for it so.... As I have said on another post I am thinking (seriously I do that once and a while :rofl:) about carrying a head mounted flaghlight either a LED or traditional bulb type? What would you recomend? Led or Bulb? Or another different aproach? Maybe this has been covered before, I could not find it but transfer this thread if it has.
  12. Along with the "Urban survival vehicle" thread I had mentioned that I would be building/assembling a cart that would hitch to my pedal powered bicycle. I have now aquired a "shopping cart" (traded the store owner a bottle of cranberry/maple syrup for it) and will start converting it throughout the winter. Has any one else ideas on a similar project? I am thinking this would also be a good facimile to a deer cart that I also was looking into. Not sure that my idea would be less expensive or more effecient, the future might tell.
  13. How far have you traveled in the wilds from medical help? Hours?....Days?....Weeks? Not counting having a doctor in your group, but that would be interesting
  14. What would be the first tool (that you do not carry) that you would make in a survival situation? and why?
  15. This topic might be contraversial, so read with an open mind. Since this consistant with wilderness dangers and what maybe out there. When you are out and about in the wilderness do you go with defensive means of defending yourselves and your loved ones? Fierarms, bears sprays, sling shot/ball bearings/marbles, staffs, sticks and whatnot. Mods feel free to remove if not appropreate
  16. Catching fish in a weir

    This may not be the place for this so mod place it in the proper place. Looking at the many ways of sustaining oneself in a survival situation I would find that using a weir could let me fish all day long without being actualy present. A weir is a woven basket/stariner/barrier used as a fish trap laid across a shallow or a pool, a creek etc... Do you use/know of them?
  17. Do you have a favorite go to hat for the bush? What material do you favor for your hat? What style of hat do you like the best?
  18. I had a favorite jacket that I have used with different liners fo rthe last 25+years, now passed away . Now being replaced by??? Looking at a wool jacket that I intend to have modified with an attached hood. But I am still guessing about summer wear. Ideas?
  19. How many wear sunglasses or shades when in the outdoors or even just when out and about?
  20. Footwear

    What footwear do you use? Depending on terrain, season, or just a good supporting all round boot?
  21. Keeping hydrated in the bush, how do you carry your drinks?
  22. I may have missed this somewhere but here goes, who has one of those emergency radios that Civil Preparedness Agencies broadcast on in case of an alert whether chemical spills, road closure, weather conditions etc... I have a CB with weather alert channel, in our area their is no emergency alert that could be called timely a few hours afterwards some info could come out but not on a "go to" designated channel; you have to play the dial game. What radios do you have that would fill this void?
  23. My Ride

    Real nice car, I like the colour :thumbup:
  24. My Next Project

    I would also add a 1" or so wood ridge border along both sides of the backboard to allow a mesh or canvass piece to be fixed/stretched out to act as a "cushion" for the Mom so the board would not be so hard on her and be ventilated in the process..
  25. My Next Project

    Staying in more older trad style foot rest could be made of bent wood in a latice/basket weave the would "cup" the feetas babies will not always keep feet vertical, this was to act as a catch all so that the feet would not slip through the splint foot rest especialy on the trail. Along with the ties and pad and blankets added an otrher layer of safety. Will this be used also as a back cradle? Tell me are you making a knife for the baby as well, :thumbsup: