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  1. Good advice. I prefer to sleep away from the lean-to's and official shelters - far safer to go off into the bush a hundred yards or more where nobody else is going to be at night.
  2. Sometimes I go out for a few nights alone in the mountains where I live. Maybe not always a good idea but often there is nobody else who likes to hike like I do. Do you think this is safe for a woman to do or should I always have some friends with me?
  3. YES! That is why that show with Bear G. isn't so good - it makes it look like climbing down cliff faces is the smart thing to do. Trouble is, there are no hospitals in the wild.
  4. Bark

    I have eaten pine - its good. Boil it to make it soft.
  5. Recommend me a good GPS for $150 or less (please).

    Try finding a referbished one
  6. Rescue game

    too good. the beer I mean
  7. Total BOB List

    Fire helper, like vaseline soaked cotton balls. Sometimes it is difficult to get a blaze going (wet wood etc) but once its going you can use it to dry additional fuel.
  8. Boy/Girl Scouts

    Am I the only girl??
  9. Making a fishing Spear

    enjoyed that very much! thank you
  10. Stainless Steel Cooking Kits

    well that depends - maybe you want to see the bears!