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  1. With the massive number of laws and regulations, there is not one person who is not in violation of some sort of infraction and can be prosecuted for it should someone decide to do so.
  2. Tee Pee Heater

    Of course, you are just kidding about the propane tanks! They would warm you up all right - for several seconds as you are flying through the air from the explosion! I've never seen a rock explode, though they may crack. Yes, rocks can retain alot of heat from the fire and then give it off during the night as the fire dies down.
  3. Yes indeed you can - and I've never seen a rock explode, though they have cracked on me.
  4. survival kit idea

    Well of course a firesteel would be a good idea. This is one reason I like "boonie hats". Make for handy storage at times.

    What about copyright issues? Humm....
  6. Cattail Fluff

    It tends to be too fluffy, but that can be gotten around by added petroleum jelly, for example
  7. I wrote a series on this, which is exceedingly important to your health and that of others. If the mods allow I would like to post a link to it here: Proper Outdoor Defecation
  8. What Type of Lighter?

    IMHO the most dependable are firesteels. Matches and lighters are handy, but firesteels always work.
  9. Essential Knots

    http://www.survivaltopics.com/survival/how-to-make-a-prusik-knot/Prusic Knot is good to know too http://www.survivaltopics.com/survival/how-to-make-a-prusik-knot/ I fixed your URL Robert. :thumbup:
  10. When you start life as I did, with hunting rifles hanging on the walls and deer strung up just outside the window, playing outside in -30F, cutting firewood, ice fishing, mountain climbing, trapping, milking cows, making bread, harvesting potatoes and apples, reading books by woodstove as the fire cracked and snapped...well, survival skills are simply a natural part of life.
  11. Nature Tricks

    enjoyable post guys, thank you :-)
  12. Hiding Valuables

    Interesting stuff.
  13. Stainless Steel Cooking Kits

    It's easy to scare yourself outdoors. However, truthfully, you are safer alone in the wilderness than crossing the street. That is a statistical fact.
  14. Essential Knots

    very handy indeed, thanks!
  15. Deer Sheds

    The mice start chewing them almost as soon as they hit the ground, so they do not stay pristine for long.