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  1. Email from Bow

    geeze, where does the time go, been so long since i've been on here and a few months since i've done any bush time with allen, good reminder to call and spend some time in the bush with my freind
  2. How much time is too much?

    i started a thread like this in another forum that i no longer ocassion i called it "obsession or passion" when i started out many moons ago it was about being a survivalist more geared at escape and evasion, then as time went on and circumstances changed it became primitive skils which i know just say i am a bushcraft practioner it all ties in together, i am confident that me and mine will survival anything thrown at us and spend most of my waking hours dedicated to that process, is it a hobby, way of life or obsession? i do not know but i sure am having fun, yes my wife feels i spend too much money on equipment but i could be spending it on worse things always be prepared-prepare all ways
  3. 3 killed in Hospital shooting

    well, when i lived in the states i would have just shot back, now living up here i do not worry as much about a random shooter
  4. This just in>

    well i had no idea, I met max atwwod last year he cam up to sudbury and did some film of me and my orphan moose calf that i had slept in the bush with for about 3 months he came up with a guy named ben cox from aspen valley wildlife centre that is where we transported him to for the winter then we took him back up north to be released last june, i guess max was working on a documentary wow really small world eh
  5. What's your occupation ?

    plumber/gas fitter wife says i am boring now used to be a pro bull rider and cage fighter ah the good ole days
  6. This just in>

    while i do not know who brian and wendy are i say cheers to you, this is what i like about this site most of you seem very close
  7. Survivorman Season 3

    i think the survival shows have run the gamet ray mears has the right idea doing shows on bushcraft for me that never gets tiring les will have to reformat and it might be hard to recreate the same sucsess
  8. Bow's Survival and Primitive Skills Training

    so where do things stand for the course next month, just trying to work out scheduling thanks.

    just experimenting with the little brown dog
  10. new member

    welcome aboard horus looking forward to your input on organic food..
  11. Are you Prepared?

    my ability to be prepared just went uip this weekend with the sale of second home, now i need to concentrate on solar power, in all honesty i am about an 8 or9 but i could use about 5 years ten would be the best then i would be a 10 for 10 on your scale, only been studing wild edibles a year now want more years for that same with a garden first year bur food storage water and being debt free with savings account i am ready right now, but like i said always looking to improve my situation
  12. Feline skull???

    peterson feild guide mammals of north america pg148 skull plates #6 domestic cat skull 4 inches #7 bobcat skull 5.5 inches hope this helps
  13. any suggestions on how to do that other than leaving it in the bank?
  14. well big sigh of releif it took a month but 2nd house sold now means i am debt free and have a good amount of savings to relax with now wife can stay home full time and concetrate on running the homestead learning the garedening and such hope to be fully self suffient in five years
  15. your a funny lady tbtw thanks holly just copied this goog ideas to store up on for squirrels like me