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  1. Campfire Talk

    Sh** I think I would have lost my job that day..... :curse: and he probably would have lost a somethin else :box:
  2. Favorite Animals

    You would think my answer would be dogs since I have 4, and not even sure 2 of them can be classified as dogs But I just absolutely love Panthers there is something about their eyes they are just beautiful.... but in general I love all animals.....
  3. Small Pond Filtration

    I am looking forward to this, I have been wanting to do a pond for years with a little waterfall.... I am just afraid that the raccoons will eat whatever fish I put in there :unsure:
  4. Campfire Talk

    happy097.gif thats too funny Taken ...... if we loose our water here it would me the lake ran dry 8| I hope your day gets better.... Have a Great Day
  5. Who would you kiss?

    Exactly which make you perfect exactly the way you are.....
  6. Who would you kiss?

    Hahaha no :blushing: Just used to watching what I say on these thingys... I'll get better just give me sometime.... :cool:
  7. Campfire Talk

    Okay Taken talk to you soon...... happy100.gif
  8. Campfire Talk

    I am at work..... almost done for the day..... can't wait Monday just drag :closedeyes:
  9. Campfire Talk

    happy070.gif Taken did you ever notice how many Guests there are on this site, I wonder what they do :hmm:
  10. Who would you kiss?

    Ironically the meanest women, are the ones who HATE "penetration"......... I work with a Lady who's daughter is a lesbian and she said the samething :yes:
  11. Who would you kiss?

    Oh yes I most certainly have and many men like that too.... I have a gay step brother gen140.gif and a gay cousin, also years and years ago I worked in live theater so ya I have met my share that could use what you said there :smoke:
  12. Who would you kiss?

    8| :rofl:
  13. Pictures of Our Members

    I love it.... what a wonderful face!!
  14. Pictures of Our Members

    ??? Jezze never thought of that 8|
  15. Who would you kiss?

    Ummmmm good one Swede :blink: