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  1. Hats / headwear

    Filson/Duluth Packs baseball cap most of the time supplemented with a hood on my most worn coat, I have an old Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero for rain, and several wool watch caps for cold. I'm thinking of getting a full brimmed fur felt hat for normal wear, better weather protection. Regards, Jim
  2. Blackthorn Sticks :hugegrin:
  3. Safety Vest

    Thank you mam
  4. Anybody carry one of those road crew safety vests in their kits? Good for making your self visible when you need to (survival or hunting season, or car stuck on the side of a busy road), but packs up small and weighs next to nothing. Some designs are pretty bright with reflexite stripes and contrasting colors. Jim
  5. Who wouldn't want one of these?

    That'll get your attention! Who left the boat first, you or the snake?
  6. Who wouldn't want one of these?

    Do we have any arboreal species of venomous snakes indigenous to the US? I don't think so, save for the occasional Boom Slang or Green Mamba that somebody decided they no longer wanted as a pet 8|, but then they wouldn't be indigenous. Jim PS. I work at a trauma center in the Bronx, that is certified as a Snake Bite Center, and you would be amazed at what people keep as "pets".
  7. Shaving with a straight razor

    LOST, Did you ever get to the Mayberry RFD barber shop you were talking about to watch/film the process?
  8. Why we need Mammalogists

    AKA Opossum
  9. Moving to Arkansas?

    Home is where the heart is and where they love you. Adapt and overcome
  10. 3 killed in Hospital shooting

    Given, My Prayers offered. On duty or off, I am never far from my tools, and I will not hesitate to use them, hospital policy, politically correct or not. As stated, I'm going home to my family, weather the other guy does depends on his decisions. Oh and you are 100% right, push comes to shove, you are responsible for your own safety and survivability.
  11. Just saying hello

    Hi Brian, Good folks here, hope you enjoy yourself.
  12. BobimbobJr.

    My Prayers go with you
  13. Shaving with a straight razor

    Try an inflated, lathered balloon, if you pop it, you just cut him. And don't cut your self when the balloon pops.
  14. Shaving with a straight razor

    And other lovely things, but I think the real reason, is that a good straight razor can set you back a good piece of change, and barbering as the rest of life has become a production line, move em in and move em out, time is money. Very few Mayberry barber shops around any more. And there is an art to shaving with a straight razor, that few remember or ever knew.
  15. Shaving with a straight razor

    Modern barbers , when they use them at all, use straight razors with replaceable blades, no sharpening or stropping. I don't think they get enough practice anymore that I would trust them around my neck. I figure they can't mess up my hair cut too much, all the same length, BUZZZZZZZZZ