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  1. Handgun thoughts

    My wife doesn't like the idea either. Safety is our #1 concern. It will at all times be put up and out of site with lock and key. That's good 2 cents. Better to see that people care than to see people not care. Thanks Holly.
  2. Handgun thoughts

    My dad and I took the CCW course a few weeks ago. We got the the certificate in the mail and sent in for more paper this week. (Background checks, etc.) We have to wait til the proper paper work comes back now to go and get our license. Anyway, I was thinking about a handgun to buy myself. Now this next part may seem scary or inappropriate to some, but I was thinking about getting one my kids could shoot if they choose to. My 2 oldest ones are teenagers and my youngest one 10. The youngest may be the only one interested. My reason for getting one they can shoot is so that I can be the one to teach them gun safety. I prefer my kids didnt learn it from someone else. I have some rifles and can teach them that way. Its never been an issue until I took the course and decided to buy a hand gun. Many a kid near and around us have been hurt bad or worse. Most of the time it was because they were curious and never knew how to respect a handgun or rifle. But back to my point, I may have to consider a .22 at first then maybe later buy a more powerful gun latr.
  3. The night skies of December

    I've got that marked on my calendar, now if I can only get up to see it.
  4. first snow of the season

    You can keep the snow, I don't want it. :nop: On the other hand, snow pics seem to be great. You can keep sending those. :thumbsup: Nice pics.
  5. Heard any good ones lately

    happy097.gif :roolling:
  6. KentuckyWoodsman Pics and Videos

    Great video KW. :thumbsup: Those are some great places to visit. :cool:
  7. Rocky's Rides

    Whoa! That bridge is really up there. I take it your not afraid of heights. That's a nice looking river in the bridge pics, and the river several pics back. How is the fishing around there?
  8. KentuckyWoodsman Pics and Videos

    Nicely done KW. :thumbsup: Looks like you all had a great time. :cool:
  9. Looking for some advice

    One thing I can say for sure. Don't, I mean Don't (if at all possible) dropout /quit college for anything or anyone. Its rough, if you hit 40 and have to go to college and get an education. I know you are looking for more advice than that, but I just wanted to let you know you are making a great decision to go to college first.
  10. Geodude's Pictures

    I went near our creek after the rain tonight, and spotted an intruder lurking around. I manage to get a few snapshots of the intruder before just leaving it be. What do I see trying to hide from me Looks like it spotted me Now, there you are in the open
  11. Some Photos From Recent Outings

    Just like a kid with a new toy. :hugegrin: Great pics. I really like that camera. :thumbsup: Whenever I get to buy me a new toy again, I think that is what I want. A really good camera. :pray:
  12. Harvest Time at Doro's

    Now I would like to try that right there. That looks great. :dribble:
  13. First Pics From The New Camera

    Great pics as usual Mist. That camera seems awesome. :thumbsup:
  14. What I've Been Up To

    Great job. I like the spork idea also. :thumbsup:
  15. my favorite place jennings park

    Awesome looking trail. Great pics. :thumbsup: