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  1. Campfire Talk

    Thank you. It's about time Swede got this fixed. LOL
  2. Campfire Talk

    I'm the bottom dweller from Cedar Crick. Swede just reset my password. I'm modifying Swede. And typed this from his house. A few know me from Farmagedden. I think Swede is going to let us have a windbreak this coming up year. Hurrah!
  3. Campfire Talk

    I hear that a campout is in the works here in IL. Sounds like fun. Is everyone bringing a lodge?
  4. Campfire Talk

    Don't you hate it when you forget your password?
  5. Campfire Talk

    happy070.gifThee ole campfire!
  6. Campfire Talk

    Well, Swede should be in the hospital awaiting that store bought knee. We saw him last night after we took the canvas off the tipi. He wasn't looking forward to this so we'll have to cheer him up after he awakens. I told Sharon to let us know.
  7. Campfire Talk

    Swede, The cabin sounds nice. Did some geneology for Julie there. Not at the cabin, at the courthouse. Seen a guy Monday that found 9 sheds. Some of them were nice. You been looking? Seen robins also. Dumb things are always early. Also Killdeer, red winged blackbirds. There was an Eagle hanging around Bob's a week ago. Anyway, another 9 days till Spring.
  8. Moutain Lion in Iowa

    Their just restocking the land with things they think will survive. 2012!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Iran lauches new battleship

    Tatonka, That would be music to my ears. Horus
  10. Our tribal names

    Swede's Commune. How is this for a tribal name? OK, how about business name? The boy wants to know if he can set a trap up to Pa's. How is Pa? Deer meat in his frig.
  11. Iran lauches new battleship

    The credit goes to the youngster. He's busier than a 3 peckered billy goat. With chores, with school, with voting, with life in general. Any wolves in those hills?
  12. Iran lauches new battleship

    So, Day after,,,,,,,,,,,listening to Steppenwolf,,,,,,,,,,,,Is this cool or what??????????? Is the war over?????????? Is Osama Bin Laden in jail???????????? Enough politics,,,,,,,,,,,,Let's talk farming. Still milking, boys trapping, red fox got a taste for chicken, 1/2 doz. eggs a day, deer tracks in the 3 acre garden, picked 55 gal. barrel of butternut, bees still alive, 2 75 pound piglets, 600 Lb boar, 600 Lb sow, 4 does, 1 buck, 1 ram, 3 ewes, 2 lambs, need some seed? Is it gonna rain? Tipi still shining, fire this weekend, watch the smoke roll out of those smoke flaps, cut wood, and party. Feel the need to party. It's like I want to celebrate, or something, to that effect. The brussel sprouts taste wonderful. And the wife picked 2 5 gal. buckets of pears. Are you people gonna start farming or what? Plant a fruit tree. Something. Wish I had a greenhouse. Wish I had solar panels on my house. Wish I had a wind turbine to charge my wishful electric car. Wish there was clean air and water. Wish there were fish in the crick. Wish my food was safe to eat. Wish the white house would go green. Wish that your wishes come true. Horus
  13. new member

    Did you get the tractor? Horus
  14. new member

    Good morning, I thought I would check in and give a small update. The Tipi is here. I bought an 18 footer. The poles are here also and the work has only begun on them. They need sanded and treated. The CSA has 8 members and is keeping the newly graduated high schooler busy as a bee. Speaking of bees, they are here too. 2 garden plots are planted, 5 to go, it will be about 3 acres total. Me and the bank bought a new tractor, and I would like to say diesel has went up 35 cents in the short time I've owned it. It gets twice the mileage as the old 2N ford however and does twice the work. I buried my 2 bottom plow and tore up the old plow pan. The weather............it's supposed to be spring but it sure didn't feel like it yesterday. The low tonight is 45. Hey, I heard a rumor that propane was going to be 4 dollars a gal. this winter. I hope that is just a rumor. We picked up 10 flats of plants yesterday from the my greenhouse guy. Hopefully get them planted in the next couple of days. We hired two college grads to help work the garden this summer. They should be showing up in a couple of weeks. Things will change here at the ole gravel stop farm. We house and feed them and pay them. It will be a new expierience. I hope it works out. I actually think they want to stay in that tipi. We are building an outdoor privy, solar shower, bought a screened in tent so they can eat without too many bugs and don't know when I'll start the cabin. The garden can use some heat and so could my old bones. I just want to lay in the sun and soak up some heat. I have been working like there is no tomorrow and can use a break. Isin't that a Bob Dylan song? Gotta run, Horus