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  1. Campfire Talk

    warm today went grocery shopping and payed my rent I think I seen most of steven king movies I love him great writer
  2. Campfire Talk

    hot to me 69 8| went to get my money order for my rent :thumbup: taz is on the deck in his little house chill'in :cool:
  3. Campfire Talk

    nice today went to put money on my bus pass
  4. Campfire Talk

    nice today glad your finding your way back into the woods muddy
  5. Campfire Talk

    I'll find a place (I hope) went to have lunch with my dad today :thumbsup:
  6. Campfire Talk

    just saying hi to you all :wave:
  7. Campfire Talk

    we love this site it sounds like people from around the globe likes it too :heart: if you want someone else can take over to give you a break :thumbup: I have lower back pain too and I think I reinjured my arm that I broke in 2009 time for tylonal
  8. Campfire Talk

    68 here with a nice cool breeze :grin: well bad new housing denied my new apartment so back to square one :'( I can stay here another month so thats good :thumbup:
  9. Campfire Talk

    80's again today very humid 8|
  10. Campfire Talk

    night to you and everyone
  11. thanks muddy I will let her know
  12. Campfire Talk

    hot here 80 degrees out 8| richard my stepdad came over with some more boxes today he asked if I had a knife I just looked at him and said what size do you need I showed him one of the kershaw's that muddy gave me and he said I can hurt myself with that so I used it instead
  13. Campfire Talk

    that was nice swede to say happy b day to my mom
  14. Campfire Talk

    yeah we are back :cheers: (thats rootbeer ) went to celebrate my moms b day tuesday :hugegrin: and repacked some things into boxes today gen165.gif
  15. Campfire Talk

    man great pete on the glider :thumbup: what are you going to do with your anvil forge something 8| yea I hear ya with insomnia I am a worry wart so I worry about everything and when I go to bed is when my mind wakes up 8|
  16. Campfire Talk

    don't worry swede happy100.gif wow pete that is alot of biking 8| hope your brother is ok good luck on the plane :thumbup:went to the bus station the one were swede and sharon waited for hours for the train and got my bus pass yipee :thumbsup:
  17. Campfire Talk

    hi I am here just busy with moving stuff got my deposit down today :thumbsup:
  18. Campfire Talk

    had a great day with my dad :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  19. Campfire Talk

    63 here getting ready for my date with my dad tomorrow we are going to see our favorite bluegrass band :hugegrin:
  20. smtv

    here is les's new online tv channel very awesome just 3.99 a month well worth the price https://smtvnetwork.com/
  21. Campfire Talk

    well you arev :grin: did some more packing I am tickered gen165.gif I think les would care swede :yes:
  22. Campfire Talk

    what page are you talking about with all the posts is it my fan page lazy today need to recharge :yawn:
  23. Campfire Talk

    me too
  24. Campfire Talk

    I am with you doc :thumbup: I love this place and the people :heart: muggy out today just packed alittle more can't wait to get out of here scared011.gif
  25. Campfire Talk

    wild survive is a treasure trove of info :thumbsup: I can donate what I can :thumbup: went running around today more paperwork I think it's all done for the week 8|