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  1. Campfire Talk

    cold grey and rainy
  2. Campfire Talk

    cold and grey here
  3. Campfire Talk

    sounds like a good plan swede :thumbup: hey you can have the rain here :yes: it's cold and grey and rainy so far we had about a week of spring altogether :'(
  4. Campfire Talk

    thats great swede our we gonna have sweet corn for farmageddon :thumbup: did some packing today ugg censored.gif
  5. Campfire Chat

    awesome swede :thumbup:
  6. Campfire Chat

    so you got a plan paperweight for now cool :thumbup: be carefull in the nor easter scared011.gif cool a kit to build a fm radio I LOVE hobby lobby :heart: nice at times here rain to I got appoved for my new place :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
  7. Campfire Chat

    rainy and grey today yesterday was nice and warm oh well 8| kw your get up and go must have got up and went
  8. Campfire Chat

    oh I would like to see a steam tractor very nice today :thumbsup: went to give paperwork to the new apartment I should know friday :thumbup: man all this paperwork ugg scared011.gif
  9. Campfire Chat

    hey swede are there gonna be steam tractors there that would be awesome I think I found a place I need to call tomorrow to get things going :thumbsup:
  10. Campfire Chat

    I want to see the first one then I will watch part 2 :thumbup:
  11. Campfire Chat

    nice today here too :grin:
  12. Campfire Chat

    I forgot too so all's good
  13. Campfire Chat

    sounds like fun swede :thumbsup: I love thunderstorms too any kind of storm :thumbup: went to fred meryers got packing tape and read my book nice today still chilly 8|
  14. Campfire Chat

    oh i have been slowly packing and organizing everything into the right boxes :thumbup:
  15. Campfire Chat

    wow what a storm yesterday thunder on and off all day and night 8| very cloudy now great excuse to eat alot of pizza muddy :thumbup: 30 miles wow I would be hurt'in if I did that get your electrolics too :thumbsup:
  16. Campfire Chat

    aww that sounds wonderful kw :thumbsup: it was nice out went out on my deck to read and when I finished the chaper the dark clouds had rolled in looks like rain again
  17. Campfire Chat

    37 wow it's 62 here lets see how long that lasts just got back from the store taz is outside
  18. Campfire Chat

    listen to your body swede :thumbup: went to pay my rent found out I wont get a eviction notice so I can move out whenever my housing is mailing me my packet and my amount limits for rent so I think I finily get whats going on gen165.gif
  19. Campfire Chat

    rain and gloomy here
  20. Campfire Chat

    oh how awesome
  21. Campfire Chat

    we have rain here again
  22. Campfire Talk

    ohh how cute wow 2 days without rain it's amazing 8| 8| 8|
  23. Campfire Talk

    i probobly don't have to move until august some breathing room gen165.gif