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  1. Nice bear Swede. Bear meat is greasy, but if you cure it, it makes wonderful ham and Canadian Bacon. Smoking allows the excess fat to drain away. Rendering the fat gives you bear grease which is one of the best things I know of for leather and wounds, especially blisters on humans and saddlesores on horses. The extra oil in the meat makes for outstanding dry sausage like pepperoni. The meat by itself has a unique flavor, but soak it overnight in milk or beer, it is very good. The texture is fine grained, and usually pretty tender at least on the ones I have taken. As to the scent, I spend so much time around animals, the wild and exotic aromas that I hardly notice it anymore. Gandar, I use trap wax. It prevents corrosion, masks scents, and it is not as messy as some methods. I have no proof, but I think the wax slips ice and snow better too so the trap jaws don't freeze down during warm/freezing periods of milder weather.
  2. Hey Gandar, This year I am hunting pronghorn antelope, either whitetail or Mule deer, Elk, black bear, mountain lion and wolf. When the lakes freeze it is primarilly rainbow trout and perche, might snag a walley or ling. Upland birds are blue grouse, ruffled grouse, frankolins, hungarian partridge, sage grouse, I could still get a turkey tag as there are lots of them out there. I don't specifically go after waterfowl, but Montana straddles the pacific and central flyways so there are a lot of ducks and geese to choose from. The cottontails are pretty good this year, our little pine squirrels are hardly big enough to be worth the effort, but we have some good Jackrabbits once it gets cold. I am planning on hunting whitetail in Illinois this year too. I use rifle, shotgun, handguns, archery tackle (recurve bow) and am an avid trapper for several species. Primarilly coyote and fox as my bread and butter, but beaver, martin, and racoon are also very available and bobcat is really fun. I usually use leghold traps but i like snares also. moose0024.gif
  3. The Second American Revolution

    I have to assume you are referring to, say, schizophrenia or other disorders. They are also not covered by this law. No firearms if you are mentally incompetent. If someone were to try a columbine or virgina tech here, they would have to have a screw loose. A drifter from Utah shot and killed an EMT and wounded another worker at a hospital in Glasgow Mt. last winter. As I heard the story, two bystanders grabbed weapons from their vehicles and returned fire and drove him away. After a short chase, 23 law enforcement officers from the city police, sheriffs department and Highway patrol had him cornered and he killed himself. I don't think it made the news outside the state. Glasgow is a small town in the northern prairie, fewer than 5000 people. Point is, around here, nearly everybody you meet is probably armed or has a weapon close by. It is just the way we are. With all the open country, we have to take care of ourselves. The nearest cop could be over an hour away, or a lot more if the weather is bad. Every law enforcement officer I have ever met in this state acknowledges that you must assume that anyone you stop is armed and probably proficient with that weapon. We don't have the violence endemic in areas like southern california where only the criminals are armed. We do not accept the premise of the mass murders so prevalent in other areas because WE SHOOT BACK. :box: This isn't as big a scary as you might be led to believe. We have an almost non existant crime rate. You can stroll down a dark street in the middle of the night, and not worry. Most of our violent crimes take place on the 6 Indian reservations, The rest of the state has vandalism, graffiti, and theft as the big problems. Although with the new economy, Cattle rustling is coming back. This new law covers weapons made in Montana only. Very few mass murderers would want to buy a $1500.00 single shot Shiloh Sharps buffalo rifle to create mayhem with. Most of the weapons made here are very high quality stuff. High end hunting rifles, Black powder Muzzleloaders, black powder cartridge rifles, that sort of thing. Lots of custom weapons made to order. You are far more likely to find a rifle that is accurate at 1000 yards than a rapid fire light caliber semi automatic. We don't have an Armalite facility, or Berretta, or any high capacity rapid fire "black rifle" facilities, But...if we can keep our rights in Montana, maybe they will come here! :hugegrin: We don't have the population (less than a million in the whole state) to support a large arms factory under this law, but we have to start somewhere.
  4. How many of you survivor men went to your highschool Prom?

    My friends and I went to both junior and senior proms. Cooked elk steak on bbq grills for the girls instead of spending big bucks on a restaraunt. When the prom got boring, we crashed the teen center and raised a little cain. (got kicked out too). Didn't get my date home until 4AM. Lots of fun....
  5. The Second American Revolution

    Basically what it means is if a Montana citizen buys a gun or ammunition made in the State of Montana, then registration with the federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms is no longer required. No national registry on these weapons, no restrictions other than you can't be a convicted felon. If you come from another state the federal registry is still required unless you establish residency in Montana. It is a state sovereignty issue that basically says that Montana governs its own citizens and business under the 10th amendment to the US Constitution. The 10th Amendment reserves all rights not specifically granted to the federal government by the constitution are given to the States. Originally the constitution was a treaty establishing a nation between sovereign states. The fed was only supposed to govern in matters of for instance foreign treaties. What this new law says is that the State of Montana is a sovereign State within the United States. It has the right to govern State issues within the State. It rejects federal interference in affairs that the Montana State Legislature and Governor are tasked by law to attend to (specifically gun ownership in this case), not the feds. Basically, it is a rejection of a centralized federal government controlling local issues in individual states that are not outlined in the US Constitution. This is part of a large movement among states including Texas, Wyoming, Idaho, Arizona, Nevada and several others that have either legislated decrees or are in process of passing decrees through the elected state bodies that declare sovereignty of the states within the framework of the US Constitution and the individual treaties ratified when the states joined the Union. Most of these states are Central and Rocky Mountain States, Some of the Midwest and Southern States and Alaska but comprise a large portion of the continental United States. There is another bill in process that states Montanans have the right to carry weapons (we always have had the right to carry weapons as long as they are not concealed), and use them in self defense. It removes the requirement that you have to scream and run if attacked before you can protect yourself, it no longer lists informing an attacker you are armed as a threat, it defines reasonable force, and clarifies what the requirements are for a citizens arrest. It also states you can't carry a firearm into state and federal buildings or schools, banks and bars. Basically it is a bill of civilian rights to self protection. I look for it to pass. Could be an interesting couple of years coming up :hmm:
  6. The Second American Revolution

    Final page of the first chapter. http://www.helenair.com/articles/2009/04/16/state/65st_090416_statesrights.txt Montana has won the first battle.
  7. Are you involved in S&R

    10 year veteran & Captain of a Volunteer Fire Rescue Department W/Ems services.
  8. The Second American Revolution

    Good post K-Bob. Just for an FYI, not everybody is rolling over and playing dead. This is the current status of the Montana legilature's answer to Washington. http://www.helenair.com/articles/2009/04/06/legi/top/60st_090406_guns.txt An armed man is a citizen, and unarmed man is a subject.
  9. Freedom means taking responsibility for your own actions and is always scary. You stand alone with only your guts, your convictions, and your courage against the world. Right now, this bill is looking to pass with veto proof majorities, and the support of most of the state. As the man said, "Montana must lead the way". "ALL THE GREAT THINGS ARE SIMPLE AND CAN BE EXPRESSED IN A SINGLE WORD: FREEDOM, JUSTICE, HONOR, DUTY, MERCY, HOPE." Winston Churchill
  10. Latest update. http://www.helenair.com/articles/2009/02/23/state/top/65st_090223_guns.txt And you guys thought I was the only one....
  11. As other threads are locked or have been removed, I thought a little good news was in order. http://www.helenair.com/articles/2009/02/15/legi/85st_090215_guns.txt
  12. Alaskan wolf hunting.

    In Montana the Canadian grey wolf was introduced in the '90s. It is a vicious predator that is not native to this state or the Rocky Mountain areas of the United States. The wolf they were supposed to replace is the Rocky Mountain Timber wolf. The timber wolf grew to about 80 Lbs for a large male, Canadian greys grow to 140+ Lbs. They were supposed to feed on the buffalo in Yellowstone, but found the elk were much easier targets. The northern herd of elk in Yellowstone went from a high of about 38000 in the 1980s to presently around 6000 animals. The elk herds in western Montana have been decimated. The wolves breed like rats and have spread from Yellowstone as far south as Colorado and Utah. In Montana they have shown up as far west as Jordan which is only about 100 miles from the North Dakota border. They are attacking herds of domestic livestock, with devastating results. Some farmers and ranchers can't raise animals to sell as the young are destroyed by wolves before they can be sold. Last year around 275 wolves were destroyed for livestock predation. When the wolves were introduced, we were told once they reached a population density of 100 wolves, 10 breeding pairs per state impacted they would be delisted. Montana, Idaho and Wyoming put approved plans in place to manage the wolves. They now number over 1800, but may not be managed as there now isn't "genetic diversity". The western states are suffering as badly from Canadian grey wolves as the fisheries in the east with the snakehead fish, another invasive foreign species. When ethical hunting by licensed sportsmen is not allowed, then there are 2 options left. 1) The Fish and Game Department kills them when they attack livestock, pets, or possibly humans. Or 2) an irregular season called SSS by locals who have had their livelyhood destroyed. SSS stands for Shoot, Shovel, Shut up. In laymans terms, covert war on them. The political reasons the people like judd have for lying to the American and international communities is criminal at best. They set the stage for animals being destroyed without the best intrest of the species in mind, only political ends. Passions are running high here about the situation, and unless some commonsense management is put into place soon, the residents will take it into their own hands and handle it. It won't be pretty. Oh, and hillbilly, I have hunted most of my life as have my ancestors. If you don't want to hunt, fine. I live on wild game. What is the difference between my taking a deer to feed my family, and catching a fish?? I find it reprehensible that people will look down their noses at people who take responsibility for their place in the natural order by providing for their families by their skill. If you don't hunt, fine. Live on McDonald burgers. I don't care. You can get your food by proxy. I provide for my family myself.
  13. Your TSHTF Song

    http://www.vh1.com/video/play.jhtml?artist=966&vid=140384 This one got me through a couple of tours in some of the nicer vacation spots around the world.
  14. Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened. Winston Churchill
  15. Les's season Kick off

    I enjoyed that show as well. I would have really loved to see Bob catch a nice big 20 pound pike right out of the gate! would have laughed my butt off! happy097.gif An internationally recognized distress signal is 3 of anything. Three shots, 3 fires, 3 smoke columns. I was waiting for Bob to answer with 3 bowshots! :hugegrin: Actually, proper safety when firing a weapon is to shoot it into a safe backstop. Even though they were using shotguns with very limited range, you never want to discharge a firearm into the air. Another Discovery channel show, MYTHBUSTERS did a show on shooting straight into the air and had x-rays of people who had been struck and killed several miles from where the rounds were fired. I must admit I was impressed with the efficiency of the Search and Rescue :thumbsup: