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  1. How much time is too much?

    Many question when being prepared is going too far. How far can or should one go in preparing for your and your family or loved ones survival? If you take your life saving to build a retreat and supply it with the food and supplies to last for 5 years and you never need it, then there will be thoses that think you a fool. If on the other hand, the Shi…. Really does hit the fan and you and your loved ones survive ant many of those that did not prepare die, who then is the fool. In all times and throughout history and before, disasters have struck the earth many that appear to have destroyed many of the lifeforms that existed before the disaster struck, Astroid strikes, pole shifts, massive volicano eruptions, even supure volicanos. Will any again happen in your life time, I do not know, all I know is that if any of thses do happen, it can cause massive distruction and the death of thousands if not millions. An event such as Yellowstone erupting according to the experts would wipe out 2/3 of the world population. The biggest amount to die would be those in the Northern hemiosphere, probably over 95%. So how much preparation is going too far? I don’t know, but for something like that where the after mat could be the beginning of a new ice age, then having supplies and food to last 10 to 15 years might not be enough. The thing here would be to have preparation to be able to move to an area that will still be able to support you and your family, but you will still need to have food to last for 5 to 10 or more years until the skies are again clear enough that plant life will grow. The skies may be filled with ash for at least 5 years and maybe for close to 10 years. So in this case not only would you need to have food and water for 5 or more years, but also the ability to move to a different climate if necessary after the 5 or more year period. If we have a close pass by planet X then it could cause massive volicano eruptions around the world, massive earthquakes, maybe causing one or more of the super volicanos to erupt also. Additionally there may well be asteroids that are tagging along with planet X which could then also hit the earth. So would having 10 to 15 year food and water supply be too much? I doubt it. I can come up with quite a few situations that would require having food and water for several years. Unless you have millions, it would be impossible to go too far in your preparation. So if you are not doing something that threaten the current survival of yourself and your loved ones, by your actions on preparing for disasters, then you are probably not going too far.
  2. First going solo bad idea, second in fall, not taking heavy clothing, just in case, third no rain gear, forth because of first three being careless by hurrying, now what he did right, stove allowed him to get warm, brace for leg, cruches, decision to go back to camp after break.
  3. Strictly survival firearm

    Great for squirrels, you bark them just like they did with the old black powder guns, you shot the limb that they are on and the bark kills them
  4. Strictly survival firearm

    Looks like a mosburg 500 is it?
  5. You mean beside UFOs, Big foot and the swamp thing, just kidding. I use to live in the country and there was a cattle mutliated withing sight of the house I was living in, about 50 ro 60 yards away in the pasture. Very scary when I started thinking about it.
  6. Any idea where to find one, I been looking for months, The old stainless steel ones are just not around anymore as far as I have found. The same goes for the stainless canteens, Even the stainless canteen cups are getting hard to find. At least around here.
  7. I am with you there, put me somewhere where there not any people and I can make it. Agreed winter would be tough but give me time to make a brush shelter and get a fire going and enough wood to last the first night and I can probably do allriight, as long as I can find a can to boil water in and there is water near. Even with a BOB the problem is getting away to somewhere where there ain't people.
  8. I agree, it can be done for a few weeks, but without some way to purify water, the bugs will get you in the end. If you don't have to worry about other people and they don't bother you, you would be able to find everything you need just laying around. The only additional thing you would need is something to start a fire with as you can always find cans that can be used to boil your water in and there are enough wild game rabbits and such even in the city that once you made a bow and arrow or even a spear, you could eat very well. But if the other people are also trying to do the same thing, the game would be gone in a couple of days. So if you throw in a means of making fire (I hate fire bows) then I think I would be able to make it, long enough to get away from the urban scene and to the woods where there wouldn't be too much trouble. Again it depends on how many others are there compeating with me for the food supply.
  9. I agree, perpare the best you can and then hope for the best. There aren't too many things that can get you if you don't make too many follish mistakes like live next to a volcanio or a nuclear power plant or along the coast where huricanes or tidal waves get you. As for water don't forget the water heater as a source and if you don't put chems in a water bed, that will give you about 300 gallons, just purify it before using.
  10. I think we need to fear the liberials and judges here more than any foreign power, they are distroying the country with the help of the commies. During the cold war, we did nothing to prepare for the survival of the US, while at the same time the USSR had preparation to allow at least 80% of their population to survive an all out Nuclear war. Who was in charge of our preparation???
  11. I don't know if we went to the moon or not, but I can tell you that we didn't go the way they said we did, it would have taken them through the van allen radiation belt and they would have been dead long before they got to the moon. So 'IF" they went they did not go in the orbit shown on the news. Any one read Alternative Three, interesting reading but makes some sense when you think about it. Do I believe it, just a little. How about all of the mars probes that failed, make you wonder if someone doesn't want us there. Just some thoughts.
  12. End Of The World, 2012?

    What about planet X, what can we expect? It can vary from a non-event that is if it does not come or if it passes far enough away to only cause minor problems to extinction class event if it comes close enough. Massive earthquakes, volicanos eruptions by the hundreds, huge tidal waves, a new ice age. So what do we prepare for, or what can we prepare for. If you live anywhere near fault lines or volicano, then I would suggest that you move to a safer location. You can’t survive if you don’t make it through the first few days. Besides everything will be more acidic near the fault lines and vocanios than farther away, so you will have less of a chance to get to your retreat. So move now while you can, that is if you think that there is a planet X and that it is headed our way in the next few years. If you don’t then I would still move as that is not a survival location in any fashion. People that live in major earthquake regions or next to a vocanio, and I mean within 50 miles are not survivors, no matter what they think, they are only fooling themselves. If we have major earthquakes and multiple vocaino eruptions we can expect to have a cooling down period and crop failures for several years so plan on long term survival, have your supplies for at least 5 years and preferably for 10 or 15. If you don’t need them you are only out some money, but if you didn’t plan and it does happen, you may have doomed yourself to a slow death by starvation. How much is that worth. The date many are saying for planet X is 2012. I don’t know if that is realistic of not, but if it doesn’t come by then, don’t discount it, it may still be on its way. The author of the first book about planet X believes that the first possible date for the arrival of planet X is 2079. But because the effects if a close pass by is so huge, and it appears that people not believe it will be soon, The Vatican now has their own observatory and the US government just put in one near the south pole. This leads me to believe that they are expecting something to appear within the next few years. So plan your long term survival now and if you don’t need it in 2012, well it may still be needed for a supervocanio or asteroid strike which could happen at any time. The situation would play out almost the same, 3 to 10 years of cold, low sun light from ash or water vapors in the upper atmosphere blocking the sunlight. Massive starvation, and possible hostiles running amuck. So the plan is the same, hide until the risk of hostiles is over, then wait until the climate returns to near normal and then you can plant your seeds and start to supplement your food surply with your own fresh grown veggies.
  13. Fishing kits

    Have you seen the fish pen, a Coleman Fishpen™ is the lightweight and portable, telescoping fishing rod that gives you the freedom to fish anytime, anywhere. Store in your pocket, backpack, glove compartment or briefcase. Coleman Fishpen™ looks like an ordinary pen but transforms instantly into a durable fishing pole, making it easy for you to drop everything and just go fishing! http://www.fishpen.com/?directLoad&uid=51125438E1C5D2FE63B384005E3C9702