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  1. I'd love to Kim.....if you can make it here say, around Nov. 1st? I'll let you take a Tom, a Buck, and you can stay on as long as you like.
  2. Sorry for the long absence, Mistwalker! I've never shot any auto handguns...sadly. I'm very proficient with hunting weapons, though.
  3. Hello (and a note about Castaways)

    LOL!!! Thanks guys (and gals) for the warm welcome. You'll have to dismiss a post of mine here and there due to my fondness for vino. :hugegrin: If you run across one that makes no sense, now you'll know why.
  4. Do you think a woman is slower loading a hand gun which she is unfamilar with or a rifle which she has know all her life?
  5. Yes.... Fabricade Armas Oviedo 1928 7mm, Mauser It's our deer rifle.
  6. Thank you. Those "RDR" pics are from North Cental Oklahoma. Now I'm in the South/SouthEastern part of the state.... Lake Eufaula, in fact. I don't know if I'll "miss" the plains......I do like these hills. hum
  7. I've got a Marlin .22 (registered, licensed, etc.) I've got a Mossburg .410 pump (don't know where it came from and don't care how many birds it killed....it's a darn good gun.) I've also got a 7mm bolt action rifle. It's Spanish and dated 1928...nice, huh? My 8 yr. old has an .177 air rifle and all those little boy guns.... I want a .22 6 shooter, but my husband won't let me have a handgun. Maybe he's scared of PMS?
  8. What Gauge?

    If you've got ANY "wire" you're 19 steps ahead of most of the ids out there......so.....if you're hungry, providence will provide.
  9. I can't watch vids with dial-up, but the SOB's will pry my rifles from my cold, dead hands..........
  10. Hello (and a note about Castaways)

    Before I die, I will Ride in BC. Maybe even up to Sitka...And maybe as far as the Kenei......(sp) Horseback. Because you can see what man made from the backseat of a car, but you can see what God made from the back of a horse.
  11. Hello (and a note about Castaways)

    Thanks Swede! And, BlackSmith....ya never know when this Okie Chick may just ride North. moose0024.gif
  12. Hello (and a note about Castaways)

    Thanks Blacksmith..... I got 3 equines that could use a trimmin' and a shoein'......
  13. Hello (and a note about Castaways)

    Shirts and Hats HooRay!!! I just might wear one yet.....got any in bright orange with a mossy oak background?