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  1. Howdy!!!!!

    Hi everyone. Let me introduce myself. My name is Ron, obviously and at present I live in the Central Valley of California. I hale from the fine commonwealth of Pennsylvania originally. I've been at this survival/preparedness game for many moons. I taught survival in the Army (1977-1980) at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. I have a blog and at present its woefully neglected but, still, has a lot of good stuff. I've been busy with school and a long stay in the wilderness lately but will be updating the blog soon. From what I see, this site is very well put together and I'm sure I'll enjoy my stay. Take care.................Ron
  2. The Man Cave

    Flood survival 101......................Beer, booze and tp and he made a nice raft for the old lady............nuff said.
  3. Thats a nice set, Swede. I have an old thin walled stainless camp pot that I'm retiring soon as I get the 12CM Zebra pot. My old pot is a little to thin and things tend to get overdone if not down right burned! I also carry my old GI mess kit (it followed me home, honest!) for skillet and dish as well as my old GI canteen cup (it got lonely and followed the mess kit :whistle:). Take care..........Ron
  4. Howdy Swede! Yep, those Mora knives are about the best deal going. I prefer the carbon steel blades, but the stainless is very good, too. Swedish steel is mighty fine stuff. Mors Kochanski recommends them in "Bushcraft". All of mine are very well made and have been thru the ringer more than once. They still shine. What do you think of the Zebra stainless camp ware?
  5. My buddy Ben has a few stainless canteen cups and he sells Zebra stainless camping kettles. Check it out.......Ron http://www.bensbackwoods.com/servlet/StoreFront
  6. Howdy!!!!!

    Morning Rockhounder! Yep, the smoke is pretty bad down this way too. With this inversion and high ozone level we be sufferin'. Of course the 108-112 temps are a bonus :dead:. I live in Tulare County and the bad air advisory has been maxed out for a couple weeks now. Just wunerfull.............Take care.....Ron
  7. Howdy!!!!!

    Heres a link to my blog: http://ronsprimitiveskills.blogspot.com/ Thanks for the friendly welcome! Take care.......Ron
  8. Strictly survival firearm

    My Marlin Model 60 and Taurus-Rossi Model 971 38/357 magnum.