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  1. Cooking Gear

    Yeah, but iron is really heavy. I heard about some metals being poisonous.
  2. Yes it is. Good idea about the tutorial. Can't wait for you to post it.
  3. outofdoors, yours looks better, because it is easier to use. how did you make it? some sketches?
  4. Wolves

    From what I know - playing dead is a working method. Perhaps it depends on the type of bear?
  5. City At War

    Yes, good one LOST. A mountain bike is good to have as backup. You don't need fuel for it, and it never (if its a good rugged one) lets you down. THink you are in the wild with 7 more family members and friends. The truck ran out of gas and you are in the middle on nowhere. Some of you could start building a shelter, some would make a fire, other will look for food, and you could use the bike to scout the area, find water, food, the enemy and whatnot. I agree, in a war situation, a truck and a bike as backup would be best!