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  1. Lol! Thanks!! Yeah other than Bravo.
  2. Thanks! Yeah. I'm always around somewhere.
  3. survivorman news

    Looking forward to it! Should be very interesting
  4. Les Stroud Multitool

    That looks pretty nice. Not a Bad price if its a decent multi tool.
  5. Member Sonny

    So sorry to hear of the loss. Celebrate the good times you were able to share. Lean on those around you.
  6. FoxFire books

    I got one last year. They have all kinds of info in them. Great books to have.
  7. Backpacking Rifle!!!

    I've never seen these in any shop around here. I wonder why? I might have to research this more. I'd like to get something like this too.
  8. Campfire Talk

    The Cabelas here in CT isn't like that. The only firearms you have check and empty are guns you are selling them or having work done on. There's a sign that says this "does not apply to legal ccw holders".
  9. Very cool! Thanks for taking the time to post all that!
  10. Survivorman returnes

    I watched that car show. I thought it STUNK! All the driver did was whine and complain about food. He didn't want to do any work. The other guy spent the whole time hacking up the jungle with a machete. I was hoping for a decent show.....4 wheeling and survival....sounds great. But I think it was lame! Sorry for the rant.....back to Survivorman!!!!
  11. What's this?

    Your knowledge always amazes me!
  12. BigBlue

    Thanks Swede. Glad to hear you got in touch with them.
  13. What's this?

    Does anyone know what this plant is? Its hard to see but the flowers are a Purplish pink.