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  1. the stranges thing i saw in the woods was behind a friends house where we camped and hiked day and night well 1 night we are hiking and come upon the skeleton remains 8|of a cow picked completely clean bones glowed erie white in the night.must had been the trip for wild things we walked all 8|night just at day light came across a doe and fawn we stopped the fawn kept running circles around us even stopped at arms reach and stared into our eyes coolest most spiritual thing i ever felt in the woods.then we went back to camp and watched the sun rise before we hit the sleeping bags.for a short nap 8|
  2. i miss those days too i loved it i did'nt miss tv i still played army with the boys and all sorts of other things i dream of heading back to those arkansas mtns.as for now i'm stuck in flat indiana on grid in town hating it.that time in my life was heaven on earth.
  3. i think my chances would be good i lived off grid as a kid for over a year in arkansas mountains cooked on open fire outside outhouse drinked rain water and from creek bath in rain and horse troth cut and sold fire wood dug and sold landscape rock with dad did homework before dark or by oil lamp started in tin shack nailed to four trees with wood floor then built small two story house but one wall left unfinished blankets nailed to frame for wall during winter walked on rafters upstairs no flooring just beds laying on rafters to sleep on.woodburning stove kept very warm up there. my wife thinks this was child abuse but i think it was a learning experince that i cherrish too this day and gives me the appreciation of what i have and the confidince that i can make it on my own without modern things.
  4. Is there any truth to this????

    georgia has $15.00 gas ration was $30.00 and they also been running out of gas
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    thanks for the welcome
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    hey all i'm from indiana if you have'nt guese 2 daughters wife. wanting to share knowledge and learn to prepare my family. i work in a bar i will introduce myself better as time goes by. EW