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  1. I need some help adjudicating a a terrible abuse of ultalight ethic. A few months ago while hiking with some friends my. buddy and I decided to CO-OP on some of our gear such as water purification, stoves, tools and such to reduce our pack weights over a 20 mile rugged hike. On the second day I happened to notice he had packed in chocolate raisins while I had brought white yogurt raisins of the same brand. I thought it would be a funny little HAHA to dump my raisins into his bag as to reduce my pack weight even if just by few grams. We had been having miles long discussions about pack weight and how I had made many efforts & $$$ to get down to lightweight pack. Well the last day at lunch he discovered the xtra raisins and claimed treason against the CO-OP and prommised retribution. We all had a good laugh and finished out the hike. Well this past weekend we decided on a one night hike to Rice Creek and headed out. Getting out of the truck I thought my pack was alittle heavy but figured it must be the addition of a small softside cooler with a few cold ones for later. Well we hike, and I sweat but I keep my eye on the prize and we arrive at the Rice Creek Hilton after awhile. I begin to break my pack down and much to my suprise, I find a 12" Cast Iron Skillet smuggeld into my pack. My buddy, bust out in laughter and tells me I had left that pan in his boat a few weekends before on a Matanzas River camp and he had simply wanted to return it. He then brought the rasins up and said we were now even. The worst part was that he did bring anyting to cook in the pan, not even some eggs? I am considering filling his external frame pack tubes with soft lead fishing shot. I will weigh the pan and subtract out the weight of one packcage of yogurt rasins and use that as the adjusted rate of return weight of lead shot. Did I mention he used his son to do the stashing as he distracted me? How he distracted me is not appropriate topic matter for this forum. I do not think we are even. But I ask you the hiking comunity what you think? Do you have any better suggestions? Or should I just accept it and move on?
  2. I get tick bites all the time due to our aggressive schedule of outdoor recreation and bushcraft learning. I fear doctors for more then the lil blood suckers found in the woods!! What I am looking for is a field treatment that can be used in extended back country situations were doctors and ointments from the walgreens are not available. What did we do 100 or 200 years ago?
  3. Read about prevention... But what do I do after I have been bit all over. I spent four days in the Florida outback over the Thanksgiving holiday, I tried long clothes and 40% deet spray but I guest the sheer number of mosquitoes and ticks wore me down. I now have approx 60 sqeeter bites and about a dozen tick bites. Any suggestions on post exposure treatment?? Joel
  4. So, What Do You Want for Christmas?

    What do I want for christmas? A car (no money) A new gun (kid still too young in the house) A new tent (wife said my current tent is guaranteed for life so no luck there) Well I guess I would have to say, I want a Sherpa!!! The heck with all this ultra light packing!!!!!
  5. I finally got to try my new grilliput. You can see the park service standard grill in the background is is all rusty and nasty! Those were some the best steaks I have had in long time.. Cleaning it was kinda messy, but with some practice it think this will become a standard pack item for me.
  6. Post your pet picture

    This Nina, one hundred percent mutt, one hundred and fifty percent camping dog!
  7. Campfire Talk

    Had a great camp last night. We were on a spoil island about 10miles north of the shuttle launch pad. Brilliant show this morning.
  8. Campfire Talk

    on cellphone. camping on island. canaveral national seashore. within sight of shuttle launch pad. beautiful night.
  9. I am in search of good 3-4 day backpack. I been checking ebay but mostly find either too expensive name brands or way too heavy cheapos. Anyone of know of a good source of used, affordable packs? Any advise on internal vs external frames? If anyone is looking to onload a pack please let me know and we will see what we can work out. :help: I mostly do canoe & small boat trips but my buds are wanting to go treking, so I need to man up and go for a long walk I guess... Gallagher
  10. Campfire Talk

    http://www.snopes.com/photos/isabel.asp Snopes take on the oil tanker heading for the storm. Meteorologists (including Dr. Steve Lyons, the Weather Channel's hurricane expert) agree that the photos displayed above are not pictures of any hurricane at all, much less Hurricane Isabel, which struck the eastern United States in September 2003 — they depict shelf clouds or wall clouds typically associated with severe thunderstorms and tornadoes rather than hurricanes, and the water in the first picture appears too smooth for the area of an approaching hurricane. (Even if these images did depict the approach of a hurricane, they're too old to be photographs of Hurricane Isabel — these same pictures were circulating as photographs of Hurricane Claudette back in July 2003 and of Cyclone Indigo in April 2003.) Hurricanes Suck!!! Vetern of: Georges, Floyd, Charlie, Frances, & Jean
  11. My hydration pack with 3 liters of water packed with my widgets and gadgets.
  12. What's your occupation ?

    Director of Information Technology for a large hotel management company.
  13. New Les Stroud series !

    For you guys who can't get these shows on your cable service, if you know how to use bit torrents there are alot of sites that have the shows and even whole seasons bundled together. I know that it is a grey issue downloading media, but as Les says "When it comes to survival, anything is fair game" ;-) http://scrapetorrent.com/index.php
  14. Vehicle - Jeep 4x4 + Jerry Cans of Fuel Boat - 14ft Aluminum Jon Boat: Very handy in a huricane ravaged flooded areas. CHAIN SAW!!! to be used in either vehicle/vessel when your path becomes unpassable.
  15. I have put up a few pics of some of my adventures on the water. Can we link back to my gallery by a URL? Joel