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  1. http://www.cliff-jacobson.com/bwcaw.shtml Scroll down to Tent. I have seen his books and have his video. Cliff knows his stuff! http://www.piragis.com/ has his books and video, also many canoe camping supplys.
  2. .22lr banned from hunting?

    Full metal jacket bullets can be a huge help with this problem. However, FMJ bullets are illegal for hunting in many areas! Fulltime range instructors undergo rigorous testing for lead exposure. Its not uncommon for a range instructor to be sidelined due to lead exposure! I have seen this at our training acadamy. I have no qualms with Heavy Metal! Especially if its Blues based! "Sing on brother, play on drummer."
  3. Forum intro!

    Thank you all for the warm welcome! I'll be in and out and will try to contribute something useful! Goes to show ya, friends are friends everywhere!
  4. I'm with the Cliff Jacobson school of thought. Put the groundcloth inside the tent if ya wanna stay dry! Imagine your tent floor is full of holes, do you put your protection under the floor or inside your tent? When car camping, all options can be considered. When I used my Clip Flashlight tent, I used a 11 oz Space Blanket inside. Now I use a tarp, and use the same Space Blanket. If my tent floor gets holes, it doesn't bother me. I can put garbage bags underneath the floor if needed for abrasion protection.
  5. You've hit on things that separate the two groups. Take a picture of each group. You can't tell who is survival and who is bushcraft! The reasons for doing each can be different, but one thing is for sure. You can practice survival, but you can only do bushcraft! What that means, is beyond me!
  6. Trioxane is the most versital stuff out there! Good question on the charcloth sparking! If the big bar is too big, they sell smaller half bars that are easy to rubberband to a kit or knife sheath. For a quick trip, a couple packs of this stuff is the way to go. Its my go to firestarter. I put some in a hobo stove to get it going quickly. It has differences to Esbit, which is my favorite, but Esbit needs a flame to start. I've never had trouble with Trioxane taking a spark. Perhaps wind would blow away the fumes that actually take a spark, on older bars, not sure. A friend carrys powdered Trioxane in drugstore pill capsules. Shelf life of this method is unknown, but may be good if you rotate the stuff. He hasn't reported any problems.
  7. I tried the Maya Dust. I found it to be a waste of money. If you were to compare a film cannister of Maya Dust to Petroleum jelly cotton balls, I think anyone would agree. If either is hard to spark, I put dry cotton in my kit to take an easy spark to flame. I sometimes put the dry cotton in a large gelatin capsule. A while back, I tested firestarters for a mini kit PSK. The PJ & cotton was really good! Trick birthday candles did very well also. Problem is, when carrying little bits of firestarters, rules change! I regret not testing the Tinder Quick firestarting tabs. I need to test these!
  8. Forum intro!

    Hey everybody! I'm just a good old [53] boy from Tennesee! Sometimes mostly old instead of good! I'm currently in Nashville where I am an officer in a state prison. My main duty is the medical / pschy area. I ran into Mistwalker at a UKbushcraft forum. He told me about youse peoples. I've been in the shadows a wee bit, but I work too much to play on forums or in the dirt, but I do what I can! If I don't post, I'm either busy, or in the shadows. I was a Boy Scout and we had a good camping troop! My backpacking years were mainly from the late 80s thru the mid 90s where I packed from I-40 at the Smokies to the Cohuttas in North Georgia. In 1999, I decided to get serious about this wilderness survival stuff and started ordering the Ron and Karen Hood survival videos. I now have all of them. I have others too. Lately, I can only get out for a weeklong trip every year. Its the forums that keep me alive! People at work can't understand my motivation nor ethics. So, forums rock! I know many here from other places. It seems good people stick together where ever you find them. Why does one go to different forums? Many reasons. Mine is to check out the other side of the hill. Now the grass is not greener on the other side, as home is home, where ever that is. But we can all be ambassadors of goodwill where ever we roam. Survivalists leave a bad taste in some people's mouths. Time to change hearts and minds with the sharing of knowledge and goodwill!