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  1. Brian, that looks like a fun time out and yummy too boot lol. Bryan
  2. Swede, I like the first one too. That is awesome. Bryan
  3. Survey: What's in your bag?

    Rockhounder, thanks, It is good to be back. Yea I really like that little curved knife too. It really helps out in making spoons and I am hoping to make a bowl here soon. Yea, I really like that little shoulder pack to lol. I was pretty busy this year with a tree cutting and then kathy and I took a couple of jobs that were just to good to pass up and so we moved from the farm into town to be closer to them. Knife making went on the back burner till I get a place here in town and move the shop into town. Take care all, Bryan
  4. Survey: What's in your bag?

    Hi all, I carry a shoulder bag called the remora. I think pic pretty much tells the contents. I will say this for late spring, summer and early fall I carry some proprel packets for mixing with water. when in winter I switch out the propel and put in coco packets. I will say this under neath the wrist compass is a black contractor trash bag, a 9'x12' drop cloth, then a orange space blanket. But if you have any questions just ask. I will carry this little pack even at the park . Just to day we had 2 bald eagles and a youngster fly over my wife and I and with my binos I got to see them up close. That just does not happen every day so it was pretty cool thing to see. There is one item that I carry in my pack that did not get put in the pic and that is the curved knife for making spoons and bowls. I just got it a couple of weeks back. You can see it in the pic below Bryan
  5. Hi all, I do not carry the tin, but this is what I carry on my belt next to my belt knife. It is a little black pouch that is a few inchs wide and 5" tall and a couple deep. I did add a buckle and the webbing strap just for added security and peace of mind lol I like to carry gear on my belt more than I do in my pocket. like the tin seems to be for. Bryan
  6. Bonfire vs Multiple Fires.

    I ment to say on my last post. If you do the double or more fires doing them in the upside down fire set up I think would be a good way to start them and be able to maintain them too. Having more fires means getting more wood and if you do not have to mess with your first fire or two it migh be easyer to collect and get more wood. Just a thought? Bryan
  7. Bonfire vs Multiple Fires.

    Hi all, I have never had to make more than one fire, I think that building more than one would deffinetly help with getting more heat to you. I have taken coals from my fire and put then in old tin cans and put them behind me though with some green wood in there to it smolders and make smoke and that will help keep the mostiqtos abt bay. I tell ya with today temps having a couple of fires sure sound good to me though. We woke up to -11 degrees this morning BURRR lol Bush man 5 good Idea. Do you have any pics of that set up by chance you could post? I am going to have to try this double fire. In the next few days just to see what I think of it. Bryan
  8. I carry roughly 150' every day. 125' in my pack and then 25' on me. Bryan
  9. SGH how does yours sling shot work out? I have been thinking of making one up but have as not doen so. Bryan
  10. Awesome pics mistwalker, I was going to have a night fire tonight but the rest of the family wants to head into town and watch a movie and have pizza at grandma's this evening. Not wanting to miss out on pizza and a movie. I out flanked the family and slipped down into the timber for a day fire and some over the fire cooking with good old mac and cheese and some hot dogs too lol. I also wanted to try out a new lid ( that is the round thing with the tab on it in the right side of the pic on the rock. Very simple to make and it really worked good) for my frying pan that i made. it worked really pretty good. even while holding it and draing the water from the Mac. I tell ya it really is amazing how much faster water and food will cook with a lid to cover your pot. I know had the lid off for this pic LOL. Why you might ask I do not know I just took the lid off and then took the pic LOL. After lunch and a cup of coco and then one of cider, and one smore I was filled up enough to wait till pizza to night. I still want to have a night fire and I think sunday night will be it. Mist, your night fire looks great and I wish I had been there too lol. By the way HARVEST is over LOL . I will be back to chatting here on the forms more offten too. Take care all, Bryan Picture size 640-480 Bryan
  11. What were you doing on this day in 1969?

    like Rockhounder said LOL I was just a few months old LOL Bryan
  12. LOA

    Wow that really is terrible and sorry to hear that. Time has a way of healing wounds. Take care and check back in when you get a chance. Bryan
  13. A New Firekit Knife

    Hi all, well like mistwalker said I do have the new one he sent a drawing of made up and it went out in the mail to him today. I bet by friday he is posting pics LOL. Well if he likes it that is LOL. Thanks for the kind comments on this firestriker knife. That bevled spine really does Throw the sparks. All of mistwalkers practice and time spent learning outdoors skills really give him some great ideas. Take care all, Bryan
  14. My Current PSK

    hi all, OOOOOOOh I like that pack. How tall is it sitting there in that pic? I think you have the bases well coverd. Bryan
  15. Tatonka, Thanks for posting that. I really liked how the whistle looked when he put that on his kit and made the knife so you could not even see that he was wearing a knife. His knife is just a good alround look. I thought also that it is cool that he used the Boy scout hot spark. I have them to and just love them. You can barly scrape them on cotton or milkweed and they light up great. all in all a pretty neat set up. Bryan