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  1. thank you for providing sutch a great forum,i spend a lot of time reading here,sorry i dont post as much as i should!
  2. now in the old days folk would save on fuel when cooking by heating the food to be cooked till hot then putting the whole pan with the lid in a big box and pack hay all round and on top to insulate it,thus i hour of fuell could cook for many hours saving a fortune. well i dont have a hay box so i simply heat a pan of stew then put all the coats and fleeces in the house on top. the stew is at 80 deg C. then covered : and 12 hours later (over night)its still at a respectable 60 deg C and now cooked right through!!! thanks for looking.
  3. a cross draw sheath

    thanks guys,yep it fits along the belt tis easier to carry without drawing too much attention. i keep forgetting the difference in our languages! ime off for tea now,we have faggotts in gravy tonight!
  4. a cross draw sheath

    knocked this one up yesterday for my fish tailed scandi i made earlier in the year. The leather is veg tanned leather ,i wanted a sheath that is more discreet than a dangler so i can carry my knife when in the field without attracting too much attention.The design is my own but i guess similar to many sutch sheaths.
  5. hello from fish

    just to say hi and that ime still about,been dead busy setting up a business,ive been looking through the posts ,looks like you guys are keeping busy. ttfn.
  6. fire in the snow!

    thanks guys twas fun! sadly the thaw has started now! i have quite a selection of traps! always looking out for more,anyone want to sell any cheap?
  7. here in England we are experiencing the most snow in 20 years,the kids have been sledging all day long as the schools are shut,as are half the roads,and we only have 6 inches of the stuff! lol the shops are bare of bread and mil;k and the councils have run out of salt for the roads! started with a fero rod and tinder! and a chap with a fire on a sledge slope is a popular chap! and home for a fine venison stew! thanks for looking.
  8. glad you guys liked it,i believe ferreting is illegal there in the US!?
  9. now i dont get the ferts out as much as i should ,in some part due to a bad back and the fact that i have an allergy to ferrets! but i so love the brave little creatures.But today i decided to take them out for a bit of exercise on a local bury,in all honesty i thought it a bit cold and windy but i thaught that i would just work the dogs over ferrets,the kids came with me which didnt help either. ` Once there i slipped the 2 ferts down a hole,and up they came in usual manner and turn tail and down another,stood quietly we could here the thumps of really annoyed bucks below. we had with us the grey x deer my brindal stubby and a pup from last year of collie x lurcher a fine lil hedger of a dog,they were intent on the noises and smells wafting from below,often a whole head thrust into the musty tunnels. Well i wouild like to be able to say that we cleaned up and tallied 10 rabbits but we didnt,but we had a great time ,the ferts had some fun as did the dogs. The weather savagely cold but that just made the wood burner and glass of brandy seem al that much better. heres some pics of the late afternoon session: thanks for looking.
  10. been a busy day in our house........... Drums had been made and tuned,air guitars tuned,bogroll trumpets assembled ,now for a name one was decided on it had to be 'death axe' as 'death axers' was unavailable on account of a black metal band from Norway already had it. Hours were devoted to the practice needed for BGT,stopping only briefly for wagon wheels and fizzy drink. before anyone realised it was tea time, mum was calling. Hurriedly the 4 brothers told of their exploits and what a fab band ,nay,rock group they had. smiles all round and food eagerly eaten,all was good in the world,fame a certainty,winning BGT a foregone conclusion despite not actually applying,the silence was broken when,over the sprouts,Robin announced that in fact the band should be called 'death axe fart'.Jack exploded,the pressure too much,and yelled 'its my damn band and what i say goes,its called 'death axe' and that's it final' ,that was it full on argument ensues 3 on1,2 on 2 ,it was savage peas flew pheasant fell to the dogs ,then the spoons came out ,a pause,and dad interjects with the most unhelpful comment 'common lads it used to be all about the music but its all gone commercial......' and so a rock ledgend was dead before it made it big,no first platinum,no first on kerrang,no first play on Radio 2,no world tour,no come back tour.dreams smashed. so was the day for Robin 10,jack 8 ,ben 5 and charlie 3. still not long till christmas hey ho!
  11. cheers guys will write another section at the weekend.
  12. by the way feel free to use the images just let me know!
  13. thanks guys,ive been playing with my new pc's art program and ive had great fun doing the illustrations,more to follow if your intrested.