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  1. Happy Birthday Mrs Swede ( Sharen ) I guess everyone missed mine yesterday doh.gif oh well!
  2. Campfire Talk

    here are those plans http://www.i4at.org/surv/tow02077.htm for free
  3. Campfire Talk

    aaronak you can get all the parts for that here www.theepicenter.com and there are videos on you tube showing how to put it together, you can probably even find PDF plans by googling DC generators
  4. Campfire Talk

    Hey KB I took a drive up one of the mountain passes this evening to see how far I could make it up the road and went off into the woods near one of the campgrounds and found a set of tracks in the snow crossing the trail of something walking on two feet with an eighteen inch foot and a four foot stride, I may go back up there tomorrow and take some pictures in the day time. I also managed to do a one man rescue on the way up there, A guy flagged me down with a flashlight and had his three year old son with him and told me that his car was stuck about a quarter mile up one of the side roads. I gave him a ride to his two wheel drive car and pulled him out. He said he was going to one of his favorite campsites to show his son how to start a camp fire and had not told anyone where he was going. That could have turned out bad , there was no other traffic on that road and it was six miles to the highway in twenty degree weather ( city folks ) I kind of doubt he would have been able to light a fire in this cold
  5. Campfire Talk

    SK you need to get a pair of snow gaiters to keep the snow out of your boots Try www.sportsmansguide.com or www.rei.com and type gaiters in the search box
  6. .22lr banned from hunting?

    I have spent some time in California and from what I saw there, it is more likely all the pesticides that killed the condors, I saw a lot of dead hawks and owls near the fields and along the roads there.
  7. .22lr banned from hunting?

    I think they should ban cars in California, all of those lead tire weights falling off of the cars along the highway getting into the environment :hugegrin:
  8. That is one huge cat Doro, the last one I saw around here was about a third that size. must have been eating that grain fed beef and venison, I wonder what the age is- how long it has been roaming around there
  9. What's For Dinner Tonight?

    Well since this is a new day, Last night was an annual get together for the Search and Rescue team to kick off the new year, This year it was a Mexican Potluck dinner. There was five different kinds of enchiladas, chicken burritos, Mexican Jambalaya, some really good Mexican gumbo with rice, tortillas, a chef salad with mixed fresh greens and avocados and for desert four kinds of cake and margarita pie. Myself and two of the other single guys on the team took chips and salsa and we managed to take completely different brands so there was variety. I have some serious heart burn this morning. but it was all very good.
  10. Bug out Bag Question, and more!

    SK that is a good idea for the car kits, you could even just put some extra things in their vehicles like bottles of water, small first aid kits, jumper cables, blankets or anything else that you think they may need. just put it in the trunk or behind the seat but try to make sure it is not taking up too much room so it is not taken out by them. I did this with one of my former girlfriends and it really helped her once when her car broke down. I also left her with several hundred dollars of camping and survival gear when we broke up on top of all the hiking and survival gear I bought for her while we were together, so she is pretty well set except for someone to show her how to use everything. Another thing, just always carry a little extra yourself so you have enough to share. I was out hitch hiking from Virginia to Missouri and got stuck in Indiana and turned around, then got stuck in a big snow storm in West Virginia and spent four days in a Red Cross shelter, the Red Cross people there had no supplies and most of the people coming in were people who had been stuck in the snow in their cars along I-64 and they had no supplies. For the first two days I was sharing what food I had in my pack and scrounging around the building we were in looking for things to help everyone else out with, like candles and blankets (no power in the building). On the third day a little food was brought in from one of the grocery stores and someone brought in a kerosene heater. Day four we were moved to a school gym with a generator, cots and plenty of food and another group took over taking care of everyone. Even though I was one of the people being served it turned out that I was better prepared than those serving us and they listed me as a Red Cross volunteer on the roster they were keeping and I got offers for Red Cross training classes in the mail when I got back home.
  11. Campfire Talk

    Oh no!!! :whistle: Now I have this crappy song stuck in my head, thanks taken wacky115.gif
  12. Campfire Talk

    Hey taken the best way I have found to get a song out of your head is to tell someone else about it, then they start thinking of the song and it gets stuck in their head. works for me
  13. Campfire Talk

    Still having problems, would love to tear all this out and put in a wood stove but I do not own the house and my landlord is in Florida where it is warmer
  14. Campfire Talk

    Florida would be a nice place to be right now, my heater went out during the night and I woke up to twenty degrees inside my house this morning
  15. Web Cam From Your Area

    This is the local Community board where I live, some pretty good forums on here and the classifieds are pretty good too www.pinecam.com btw I do not use the same user name on here